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Hey guys,

I’m back again today oh… It has been an amazing time so far on The 2016 Gratitude Series but it cannot just end like that without me sharing my gratitude story too.. 😀


Here’s what I’m grateful/thankful for in the entire 2016:

Gratitude Story…

Okay so my name is Mary Agaruwa, I am a Pharmacist, a content creator at ShredderGang, a radical humanitarian volunteer, as well as the blog author of MyPearlPerception.

Hmmmnnn!… my gratitude story is long oh but I’ll try my best to make it a bit concise. A whole lot happened this year that I cannot actually be thankful enough for. In a nutshell, 2016 was a year of growth and many disappointments but hey, guess what? I’m super grateful every one of them.

As at this time last year, I was very excited about and fully anticipating my graduation from Pharmacy school, after 5 years of constant stress, sleepless nights, many teary moments as well as happy moments. After the final screening, it was observed that my GST result (a general studies course I had written in 200level) was missing. As a result of that, my name was taken off the list and I was told by the school admin that I had to stay back to re-take the course, which meant an automatic extra year. I tried everything I could to avert it but all to no avail. I finally accepted my fate and hopped straight into depression. The first three months in the year 2016 were not funny at all but in all of it I’m thankful because I’ve learnt a lot, gained a couple of experiences and met a lot of amazing people that I don’t think I would have, if things had gone according to my plan.

I started job hunting after a while, in order to find my hands doing something and not whiling away time doing nothing. Things became a bit tough financially as my father cut down my allowance drastically of which I really don’t blame him for…(lol, the typical african dad, some african dads would cut off, not even cut down). Thank God for that. So I kept looking for a job and everywhere I went to for an interview, I always got a NO because I was yet to obtain my license as a Pharmacist. I prayed and asked God for a job because I didn’t want to be lazing about because His word (Proverbs 10:4) already warned about it. One afternoon after one of the interviews of which as usual it was a NO, I just gave up so I stopped by at an older friend’s place to pick up something for someone so I gisted her about my NO escapades. There and then, she made a phone call to one of her other friends who had a job vacancy for a health related personnel and I got the job without stress, a very well paying job. Like it was so funny and unbelievable at the same time. I Just knew it was God.

I passed through a few heart breaking moments from people I held dear to my heart, but it made me figure out a strength I never thought I had. It didn’t make me become bitter or love people less or shut people out. For this I’m also thankful.

I’m thankful for the self-development trainings I attended this year and for the people I met who have imparted a great wealth of knowledge in me. I don’t think I would have been opportuned to attend them if I had started my internship this year. The trainings thought me a lot and helped me develop my confidence. As a result I was privileged to speak at an event towards the end this year (whoohooo!… I had always anticipated this because I always find so much joy sharing my little knowledge with people).

I’m also thankful for MyPearlPerception blog which has been an avenue to reach out to people and change lives for good. I’m particularly thankful for this gratitude series. At some point, I didn’t think I was going to keep up with the daily postings as I had a lot on my plate this December but God took absolute control. I’m also thankful for the projects I’ve been working on asides my 9-5 job, of which one became a reality yesterday (The 2017 Gratitude Journal)… Ensure to purchase yours ohh :D. I’m thankful for the rest of them, which I know would become a reality this 2017.

So to wrap up basically, I’m thankful for spiritual growth, improved saving habits, super amazing family and friends, my mentors, an amazing boss, for all those who took out time to share their gratitude story to encourage others, for our blog followers/readers and just basically everyone out there!… You all are the real MVPs and I love you guys deeply even if I may not properly express it… :* <3 <3

Major Lesson Learnt in the year 2016…

One major lesson I learnt this year was ensuring to grow through all I go through and just trust every process God allows me pass through because He knows what’s best for me and can never go wrong. I also learnt to be more patient, God is still working on that area of my life although I still have to put in more conscious effort.

It’s a wrap!… Cheers to the New Year!!!!

Have a splendid, fruitful and outstanding 2017… Thank you for reading God bless you all!!!!

~ Mary Agaruwa

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