#The2016GratitudeSeries (Day 31): Esther Sanda

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Hey guys!

It’s the Last day in the year 2016 and the second to the last feature on The 2016 Gratitude Series (yep!.. because I must share mine too, later Featuring today is Esther Sanda.


Here’s what she’s grateful/thankful for:

Gratitude Story…

“In situations where things do not result the way you wanted it or the way you planned it, it takes a deep thinking heart to look around and still be grateful.

I am Esther Sanda by the way, I am an aspiring Lawyer and the Founder of AfriBeauty Hub. I am grateful to God to be alive to write the things am grateful for.
First am grateful to God to have been able to celebrate my 25th birthday earlier in June this year, many wished to have lived to that age but one way or the other, their lives were cut short and I see it as a privileged Grace, I have not done anything special to deserve the mercy.
Secondly, am grateful to God that I finished my tenor as the Law Student Society President in peace and the faculty even deemed it fit I continue when no one picked the form again. If had been a failure, would not have even been allowed to finish the last phase to mention of starting another.
Thirdly, am grateful for the award I won this year as the “Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the year” I’m humbled that I was nominated and then won. A very popular person was also nominated on the same category with me but still I won.”
Major Lesson Learnt in the year 2016…
“The major lesson learnt is that in every failure lies the capacity to be better. I am confident about 2017 and all the lessons I have learnt from my failure this year will make 2017 a year of Breaking-forth for me in my business, in Jesus name. Amen!
Thanks a lot and Happy New Year in advance to you all. “
~ Esther Sanda
Thank you Esther, Happy New Year in advance to you too… Have a Super amazing year ahead!
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