#The2016GratitudeSeries (Day 30): Adejare Morakinyo

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Hello people!

We can’t keep calm!!!!!.. This is the last Friday in the year 2016 and we have just a day left in the year 2016… 2017 is about to go live!!!… Who’s readyyyy??? (Lemme see your hands go up…lol)

Okay so sharing with us today being the 30th day of the Gratitude Series is Adejare Morakinyo. 


Here’s what he’s grateful/thankful for:

Gratitude Story…

“Hello everybody,

My name is Adejare Morakinyo, I am a Pharmacist as well as a Graphics designer.

Uhmmm… This year has been filled with ups and downs basically but in the midst of it all, when all seemed lost just at the last minute, God always just showed forth His hands. I’ve been in many sticky situations this year, where I would think I had reached the dead end, like no way out and every time a way just pops up for me at the last minute. It has just been amazing, I’m super grateful to God for all of it. I thank God for my family, I thank God for health, My mum fell really sick this year, she had several incidences of high blood pressure but God kept her and right now she’s really really fit and very healthy of which I was initially skeptical about that when the illness started. I’m very grateful for that.

I’m also very grateful for the kind of people I met this year. I’ve met so many people and I’ve learnt so much from them, as they have imparted so much knowledge into my life and I really appreciate that because there are some things you cannot find in books. It’s just grace if you get to meet the right set of people and they just let you in on all the itsy-bitsy secrets that just help you in one way or the other.

I thank God for friends and basically everyone close to me, I thank God that I didn’t lose anyone of them this year, everyone is alive and in good health and I thank a God in advance that we would all see 2017 together in good health.”

Major Lesson Learnt in the year 2016…

“Basically, what I’ve learnt this year is patience and the fact that it’s actually okay not to know everything at once but as long as we keep trying, everything would eventually sort itself out. This I have experienced. There may be times when everything seems hopeless, like no way out or no idea on how to go about things but a little prayer and praise does the magic. Those things eventually get sorted out. 

I have also learnt to value people and hold them in high esteem, build bridges, burn bridges and as long as you believe in what your doing, things would always work out for your good. Thank you and I wish you all a prosperous New Year in advance.”

~ Adejare Morakinyo 

We wish you the same Morakinyo. Thanks a lot for sharing, God bless you! <3

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