#The2016GratitudeSeries (Day 29): Kola-Ojo Omotade

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Hey guys!

It’s the 29th day of The 2016 Gratitude Series, meaning we are less than three days away from the amazing year 2017. Whoohooo!!!.. Sharing with us today is Kola-Ojo Omotade.


Here’s what Tade is grateful/thankful for:

Gratitude Story…

“Hello everyone,

My name is Omotade Kola-Ojo. I am a serial entrepreneur (majorly catering). I am grateful to God for the year 2016, most especially for the gift of life, good health, family and great friends. The first half of the year was just okay. I was anticipating the second half with so much hope and faith and guess what? It was greatttttt!… lol. I am more grateful for the month of December 2016. God has shown his works in my life. When preachers say be patient and have faith, your miracles can come even on the last day of the year, it is so true. God made me tick yes to some of my 2016 prayer requests. I know/believe the rest will come at the right time. In short, year 2016, has been full of thanksgiving in my family because we have experienced how great God is. The enemies have tried but they did not succeed and will never succeed.”

Major Lesson Learnt in the year 2016…

“Major lesson learnt this year was being patient with God, exercising faith and basically just enjoying my life… lol. Thank you and I wish you all a prosperous New Year in advance.”

~ Kola-Ojo Omotade

We wish you the same Tade. Thanks for sharing, God bless you!.. <3

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