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The state of healthiness of one’s mindset matters a lot in achieving success in just about anything.
Growing up, i used to be really scared of cars, especially the big buses, big trucks, trailers and tankers loaded with gas on the roads. I just couldn’t stand them being beside any normal car I was being driven in. All that would pop up in my head when we approached them was either that it would fall and crush us or the tanker load of fuel would probably just explode. So I would say to myself “Into your hands I commit my life oh lord”!…lol, yes it was that bad. Then when we passed by without being hurt i would just have a sigh of relief but I don’t remember saying Thank you to God afterwards sha(such is life!..smh). I had also seen a couple of accidents happen right before my eyes and that also exacerbated my fear for cars and driving. Any lady I had seen driving seemed to me like a super heroine but for the men, it was a norm!

So yea! I couldn’t drive, i just would ask my brother or my dad’s driver or a friend take me where ever I wanted to go or probably use the public transport(still do nevertheless). My dad always encouraged me to learn but I just kept being lackadaisical, skeptical and fearful about it until it dawned on me when my elder brother had to leave the country for his Masters degree because he drove me most of the time. I made up my mind I was finally going to learn. I enrolled in a driving school and completed the stated duration of d lessons. But guess what? I still couldn’t summon the courage to take a car key to “move” the car, even if it was a meter. I went on and on like that until one morning, I woke up(hadn’t taking a shower or brushed my teeth either) and thought over the whole thing and I told myself “Mary, you know you can do this, just try it first”.. I took the car key and told my dad I wanted to try moving the car around the GRA. He said “okay but be careful”. I told my mum and like “The Nigerian mum” she said “Ah! with whose car? Your father’s car?” then she asked if I had told him already and I said yes. She replied “Okay ohhh, be careful and make sure you take your phone along”. To cut the long story I did it and kept on practicing on my own and sometimes with my mum. I just would drive out through the 1st main gate and drive in through the 2nd gate until I graduated to the stage of driving to church and back. My friends usually teased me about being an ordinary “Ogudu driver” and that, I used a voters card to drive instead of a license(these encouraged me the more). Lol…For each stage I would always report my improvements to my brother and some friends whether they asked me or not 🙈🙈. Now, it’s anywhere outside Ogudu, provided I know the direction or I’m being directed.✌️😉
Yea! driving might not seem a big deal to many people but I tell you it was a HUGE deal for me, one hell of a challenge I’ve overcome. It actually helped me boost my “Can-Do attitude/mindset”.

Now my reason for sharing this is that; there’s a whole lot of beauty in taking the first step in any thing you want to do!.. There may be flaws and weaknesses and it might seem cranky at first. Just keep reminding yourself that YOU CAN DO IT!. Those flaws/weaknesses make up the beauty of taking the bold step and contained in them is the strength you need to achieve whatsoever you want to achieve. The truth is, there are no limitations to what you can do provided you believe in yourself, you are focused and determined to never give up!. Instead of giving yourself petty petty reasons why you “Can’t do something”, give yourself a thousand and one reasons why you “Can”. Even the Bible says in Philippians 4:13 ~ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. It didn’t say “I can do some things” or “I can do certain things” or “I can do few things”, it said “All things”. So dearies, whatsoever it is you’ve been nursing in your heart to achieve and you haven’t given it a try due to the “Fear of the unknown”, JUST DO IT BECAUSE YOU DEFINITELY CAN!!!.. 😀😀.. Love you all, go on and excel!!!…


~Mary Agaruwa

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