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Practice is the act of rehearsing an act or engaging in an activity over and over again, for the purpose of improving or mastering it. This could be carrying out jobs, singing, playing a musical instrument, cooking, writing, giving speeches, dancing and as many have you. Take for instance, playing of a musical instrument: Someone who’s a pro at it didn’t just wake up one morning and emerge a pro. He/She must have been determined to be a pro and must have made constant and conscious efforts at becoming better at consequent periods of practice. What I’m trying to point out here is that perfection of an act isn’t dependent on the frequency or number of times you practice but on the manner of approach to handling errors while practicing. The determination to address ones errors immediately and rising above the errors is what leads to pefection.  The truth is that practicing gives room for failure and most times, people tend to perceive failure as a thing of abormination or disgrace or incapability. No! that’s not what it should be perceived as. When one fails at something, it should be seen as an avenue/opportunity to make better. Someone who keeps practicing for as long as whenever but is never willing to put in effort to correct the errors made, is definitely wasting his/her time and will just continually move in a circle. We should learn to see failures as stepping stones and  not stumbling blocks.

To be successful in life, you ought to deliberately practice and deliberately practicing, requires a lot of effort, sacrifice and time. It is usually not a rosy journey because there are times when you have to deprive yourself of certain things in other to be successful. It also involves realizing and figuring ones weaknesses and being able to rise above them, turning them into stengths. When practicing, identify the errors made, repeat that part over and over again until its corrected, then move unto the next step and repeat the proceedure if necessary. By doing this, you’ll find yourself on the part to being the best at what your doing. As there is this popular quote: “Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity!”.  C’mon! Go on and succeed. Have an amazing and successful week, God bless you!

~Mary Agaruwa

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