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Hi guys!

How are we doing???.. I’m guessing fine?… 🙂 Okay so to shake things up a lil bit, we are glad to introduce to you the Feature Friday Series (Personality Of The Month)“. This section of the blog is aimed at featuring people we draw inspiration from, who have attained and are still attaining great levels of success in their lives and may want to share some pieces of advice with us… This section is set to be updated every first Friday of each new month. So watch this space!!!

To set the wheels in motion, we bring to you the very 1st Personality Of The Month who is none other than FUNTO IBUOYE!!!… Let’s hear what she has to say…




Funto!!! It’s really nice to have you on here. For those who do not know Funto Ibuoye, she’s a young, vibrant and purpose-driven young lady, a certified Chartered accountant, the founder of The Beautified Network,  author of ‘Beautified’ and ‘The 31 Woman’, Mother to a charming baby boy and the wife to the youthful gospel artist Gaise Baba…

1.)~~~ Lol…I know I’ve practically spilled ALL the beans, my bad! But can you tell us more about what you do?

LOL at spilling the beans… hmmmnn what I do? I love to say, I’m just a small girl madly in love with a mighty God. I run a for-purpose initiative; The Beautified Network which is focused on enabling women discover and live in the fullness of their God given purposes.

2.)~~~ Funto you started ministry at a relatively young age, what prompted your passion and what fuels it till today?

I started gathering young girls together to teach and inspire them back in 2011 when I was doing my youth service and I did not think of it as a ministry, I just had this genuine passion to help young ladies realize that there is more to just living an ordinary life; and it started in my family sitting room with just about 12 teenage girls. I invested my time, my resources, my knowledge in them without expecting anything in return, of course it’s not like they could pay me back anyway. I did not even know it was related to my purpose back then, I just did it because I had this compassion for young women, which I still strongly have. I did not consider this a ‘ministry’ until late last year (2015) when people close to me started referring to it as one. What fuels this passion till today is pure compassion to see women live above the norm and become all God has created them to be.

3.)~~~ What would you say the greatest sacrifice for your passion is?

I would say my greatest sacrifices are times when I have to forfeit a lot of personal wants to fund my passion; I could use my salary and other incomes to buy human hair, bags, clothes, shoes and all that, but instead,  I have had to invest in publishing my books, attending personal development workshops/seminars as well as organizing gatherings and conferences for young women.

4.)~~~ Being young in ministry is inspirational. What would you say are the key factors for success in ministry?

One key factor for success in ministry is maintaining and growing in your relationship with God. For me, I have realized that the more I grow in my relationship with God the more He increases my sphere of influence as regards my purpose. Truly you cannot give what you do not have; I cannot be light to the world if I don’t spend quality time with the One who is Light of the world. Another factor is recognizing that ministry is not about making yourself popular but about making Jesus famous and spreading the gospel.

5.)~~~ In a nutshell, please tell us what your relationship with God has been like so far? Have you always been firebrand or we’re getting there?

Hmmn, I wish I could say I have always been a firebrand; I don’t even consider myself a firebrand now. My relationship with God can be likened to the type David had with God. Several times I fall and fail, but His mercies cover me. I’ve not always been the perfect daughter, but I love God so much I cannot afford to go against His will and even when I stray, He has a way of bringing me back on track. So in a nutshell, my relationship with God is a continuous work-in-progress; I grow daily.

6.)~~~ You’re young and you’ve attained this commendable level of success and MARRIED as well!.. Lol! We didn’t forget that part. In the marriage journey so far, what are the lessons you wish you knew before marriage and the lessons learnt in marriage?

I think I prepared myself well for marriage so it’s hard to think of any lessons I wish I knew before marriage. However, one major lesson I have learnt in marriage is that marriage reveals who you truly are. I used to think I was the sweetest and nicest person anyone could get married to until I got married and all the not-so-sweet and not-so-nice part of me started to come out. But I thank God for grace and for wisdom to keep growing and learning.

7.)~~~ What’s a successful daily routine for you?

Since our son came, it’s been difficult to have a defined daily routine. Before our son, my routine used to be: Wake up by 5/6am, take a prayer walk for an hour, bible study for 30 minutes, clean up and get dressed, make breakfast and then every other thing. Now, I am still trying to find a full hour daily that I can spend alone with God; but as our son grows, I’m sure I would be able to create a routine that’s workable.

8.)~~~ Finally, what’s your advice to the youths out there who are striving to “Become”?

My advice to youths out there, will be to focus more on pursuing Jesus rather than pursuing the things Jesus can do for them. When we focus on chasing Him, then everything we need will be given to us. Matthew 6:33.

🙂 Thank you very much Funto, indeed you are a great inspiration. Keep soaring higher… God bless you!



You’re not too young and it’s not too late to start fulfilling your God-given purpose here on earth. Rome was certainly not built in a day, so it’s okay to start taking baby steps towards the journey of fulfilling that purpose God has specially carved out for you. If you have to crawl now, please do because in no time, by God’s grace, you’ll be flying so high. Also some day, we all will individually give account to God on how we spent our lives here on earth.

Not to forget to mention, Funto Ibuoye and her team are putting together, the 2nd flagship conference of The Beautified Network, tagged “Becoming”, which is scheduled to hold on Saturday, 16th of July 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria. However, registration is required and here’s the Link for registration: http://bit.ly/becomingconf2/ . Therefore, tell every lady you know to tell other ladies who will tell many other ladies, because no lady will certainly want to miss out on this year’s conference.

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