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Written by: Oluwaseun Oluwabamiwo


Sounds cute right? First love, this is a phrase that has a lot of us ladies sighing and fantasizing or reminiscing. Well, it is believed that a person’s first love is usually their true love, even if they have found someone else whom they are happy with, there is always a place for that special person who opened up their eyes and heart to the world of love. Well, I for one do not agree with that (at least not totally) or maybe I don’t know what it is like to fall heads and heart over heels in love with a person in love with someone or maybe it’s because I believe love is a choice and it doesn’t just happen (shoot me).

I do know however that a person’s first love is very important in their life, it is referenced in God’s word (Revelations 2; 4) God laments through John the beloved that the Ephesian church has abandoned her first love (Him).

First love is very sweet, tender, fresh, everyone wants a part of it, everything is perfect in the world of both parties, they feel like time slows down when they are with each other, they would rather be with each other than anywhere else in the world, it’s like being in a bubble sighs.

Well listen up, God wants the exact same thing from me and you, the feeling of never wanting to be without him or be outside his presence (Exodus 33; 15), when God is really your first and only love you will feel lost, empty, lonely without him, a day without him will have you feeling like a fish out of water (gasping and panting for air and life). You don’t feel this way because it is expected or someone asked you to, you feel that way because it is true, you are incomplete without him.

I want to be so in love with God that when people see me, I look like someone who is in love everyday, I want it to influence how I look and live and treat those around me, some of us want this too and feel it is unattainable or that it is for some special people. Great news peeps, it is attainable and you are special, you too can get to that level and more, how you ask? Easy!.. yearn for God and ask for his help, tell him to teach you how to love Him, remember “by strength shall no man prevail” trust him (Proverbs 3: 5), rely on him solely for help remember he loved you first.

Have a fabulous weekend guys!!!.

God bless you. Amen!!!

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