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Life lessons from the Laws of Motion (Part 1)

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Hi guys!..

I guess y’all have been doing press ups/push ups in the quest to getting ready and taking on the week… No need to worry, i have no doubt that this week will be exceptionally good for you, Oya smile 😀 its a fabulous Monday morning.

Basically I’ll be sharing with you some life lessons drawn from Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion which would be split into three(3) parts as there are 3 laws. This came about as usual, while i was swimming in my pool of thoughts. I was going through the notes i had jotted down after the church service yesterday, during a short leadership training on setting smarter goals. The presenter made mention of Goals being Dreams with deadlines and the difference between a Goal and a Dream being a Plan. Also, she said that a Dream remains a mere and ordinary dream until the dream is put into action. Then i quickly sneaked into my instagram TL to get distracted a lil bit and bumped into the trend about a young lady-bread-hawker whose life was turned around for good in a split second, forreal!!! God plans the best surprises, she’s the new MVP. She was innocently going about her daily routine(hawking bread) and unintentionally photobombed during a photo shoot session of a celebrity along a street in Lagos. This got me thinking and i likened both scenarios to the 1st law of motion, then looked up the other two laws and got some life lessons out of them as well. So the 2nd part of the life lessons would be shared next week while the 3rd part would be shared the upper week… So watch this space!!!…

The Newton’s 1st Law of Motion: The Law of Inertia 

The 1st Law states that: An object at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by an external force  OR continues to move in a constant motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon by an external force .

This basically means that there’s a natural and normal tendency of an object to remain in the same position or keep doing the same thing until an external force acts on it to either put it in motion or change the direction of motion. For example:- an orange placed on a table, purposed to be eaten for nutrition, remains on that same table until someone picks it(force acting on the orange) and eats it(the orange being relevant and its purpose accomplished). If the orange remains on the table without anyone picking it to eat, after a while it would begin to depreciate in its value until it eventually gets rotten and spoilt(becomes irrelevant/useless).

Now relating the first part of the law to the 1st scenario of the presenter saying that “a Dream remains a mere and ordinary dream until the dream is put into action” . The truth is that many people have great, fantabulous dreams but never put these dreams into action by planning and running with the plans. They never give their dreams the chance to make it to the fore-front, thus, these dreams remain redundant and probably end up dying in them. The worst thing that can ever happen to an individual is to have great dreams in life and prevent its expression by locking it up somewhere in their hearts/minds due to the fear of the unknown and thus, causing it to be irrelevant in the long run. Its not to late to start now.. Express your dreams, Express your creative ideas, Give it a try and do it afraid!

Finally relating the second part of this same law to the 2nd scenario of the young lady-bread-hawker turned a super model, i’ll say that this lady was going about her normal routine business(the constant motion, same speed, same direction) until she somehow photobombed and had an encounter with TY Bello(the external force), the photographer whom God has used to change her life for good. The moral lesson here is that in life, destiny helpers are very important to fulfilling ones purpose but at the same time, you have to keep the balling rolling, you have to go out there and play your own part by doing your best until you’re being located. No destiny helper will come and knock on the door in your house or bedroom to wake you up and tell you he/she wants to help you. You have to play your own role by working hard and making yourself useful in some way.

Nothing good actually comes easy and Success has no shortcut… Success happens when preparation meets opportunities, So Keep the ball rolling!!!

Have a fabulous and amazing week!… I’ll love to hear your own thoughts on this, please feel free to share your comments below as well as sharing the post with others. Thank you 🙂

~Mary Agaruwa


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