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Life lessons from my experience with a Lagos Danfo-bus driver…

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Whewww!!!.. Many people can attest to the fact that anyone who drives in Lagos is a superhero, especially in special editions of Lagos traffic + the cat and dog rain or scorching sun.

I’ve had several escapades with our “amiable” Lagos danfo-bus drivers but this particular one got me thinking and made me see the need to draw life lessons out of it.

“Show me a person who drives in Lagos and has no experience with a Lag danfo-bus, and I’ll show you the same person who’s telling lies or doesn’t live in Lagos”.. lol.. For real!

It was very cool evening, was really thrilled by the weather but sadly there was traffic as usual. I began following my traffic lane jejely as it was moving. On looking to my left hand side were several private cars, commercial cars and danfo-buses overtaking the traffic via the opposite lane to adjoin in front. To be sincere with you, I was too tempted to follow suit because the traffic was something else but I remained in my lane (the lane on the right).

LESSON 1:- Because people are doing a particular stuff and it seemingly looks like the fast and easy way to go, does not mean that you should do the same  thing or follow the same route or procedure.

On getting towards the front, one danfo-bus just appeared from nowhere and tried to snuggle his way into my front like it was his fundamental human right. I refused and kept dragging my lane with him but unfortunately somehow he succeeded in pushing me out of my lane and I found myself on the next lane by my right hand side which was to lead straight all the way, but I wasn’t headed in that direction. So I decided to just follow the lane anywaiz, hoping it would lead me to a road that would enable me cut off the traffic. Guess what???… It did!

That lane enabled me cut off most of the traffic I was in, before the danfo-bus driver came to displaced me from my initial lane. This displacement made me arrive at my destination earlier than expected.

LESSON 2:- Sometimes in life, the path you may find yourself on, may not be what you bargained or hoped for but will most likely lead you to your destination and to fulfill your purpose in life. It’s the “Disguised Destiny Pathway”

Now bringing this down to our everyday lives, the Devil sees you on the right path to fulfilling purpose or basically on the seemingly right path to destiny and is very “happyless” about it. So he comes to distort and distract you from your lane/path to destiny, which God permits because He wants to explain, remind, resound and re-echo to the hearing devil of how foolish/unsmart he(the devil) is and that He(God) is the Boss!..

So the devil feels good with himself while succeeding in pushing you out of your lane and off keeping you off balance, all in the effort to smite God and make Him a laughing stock. But unknown to the devil, he’s working according to God’s perfect mandate and plan, he’s working as a catalyst to God’s plan for your life by speeding up the reaction and not partaking in the end result of that reaction. Just like the death of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary which was enhanced and sped up by the devil, turned out to be an avenue of the salvation of mankind, whereby we are reconciled to God The Father. If the devil had known that the end result of the death of Jesus would be salvation to mankind, he would have done everything within his reach to ensure that Jesus lived in the human form forever, but like I said earlier God is the the Real MVP, steady reminding the devil of how foolish and unsmart he is. God is the Boss of all Bosses and has all His plans mapped out and spoken, which will never return to Him without accomplishing the plan to the last full stop.

The devil is never happy about the progress God’s children make, not because he hates us but because he hates God. So he tries so hard to toil with the lives of God’s beloved because they are very dear to Him(God) and would want them to turn their back against Him, which then hurts God and brings reproach to His name. The plan of the enemy is to steal kill and destroy God’s own, in other to spite God in the face. But thank God that He is an All powerful, Almighty, Unshakable, Unpredictable and Smart God who ensures that the plans of the devil and his incarnates work out for our good and that the devil is put to shame several folds.

All that God requires of you in all of what you’re passing through, is to keep your eyes constantly focused on him and trust him till the very end. In times when your strength fails you, just keep looking unto God, hold unto Him even if it means holding on by a thin strand of rope, hang in there because it would all make good sense soon. I mean like very very soon.

(Romans 8:28- “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”)

I hope this encouraged you!.. Don’t worry, in no time you’d be amazed at what God will do!

Have a fabulous day!.. 🙂

~Mary Agaruwa

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