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Habits to cultivate that will influence an outstanding year for you… (Part 1)

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Hi guys!

It feels so good to be back on here. The year is still fairly new, even though a month has flown by. I don’t know oh but this year seems to have it’s sprint game on, it’s the 6th day of the 2nd month already or is it just me???

Okay so earlier last month, there were declarations, prophesies and beliefs here and there about this year 2017 and I personally still have no doubt that it would be an outstanding year. As a month plus has gone by nevertheless, it’s not to late tweak some habits that would enable you stay on course through out the whole year. No doubt, a majority of people feel really gingered to pursue their purpose and make things happen this year but the truth is that without putting into consideration some of these good habits, it may almost be impossible to finish the year well and strong. Follow me as we explore through these habits:

  • First and foremost, you would have to always leave your comfort zone and be ready to take on challenging tasks.

If you noticed, the word “leave” was used and it’s an action word. This simply means that you have to take action. You shouldn’t wait for things to happen but rather, make those things happen. If you have to disappear, fly, jump, hop, catwalk or crawl out of your comfort zone, please do! and ensure to put in the required effort to get out the desired result (there’s no shortcut!). Everything you need is actually positioned on the other side order than your comfort zone, so you have to reach out and grab on to the positioned opportunities and use them wisely.

  • Develop yourself at every given opportunity you get.

The future belongs to those who constantly renew their knowledge. The day one stops learning is the day he/she begins to become extinct. At every given opportunity, ensure to develop a skill. Attend that life changing conference, seminar, master class, enroll in that baking class, bead making, fashion designing, public speaking or event planning class. Never let a day go by without learning something new. Read at least a good, edifying or transformational book every month. In the long run, you’ll realize that you did yourself a great service because taking these actions may just bring you a step closer to fulfilling your purpose in life.

  • Be creative and open to ideas. Be ready to explore.

Creativity is a function of knowledge, curiosity, imagination and random thoughts all in one. It is usually birthed out of nothing or let’s say out of the things that seem ordinary. Creativity gives rise to innovation and there’s currently a hard cry for innovation, to boost the economy of developing countries. Create time to think deeply about how the loop holes in the various sects of life can filled/managed to make life easier and more bearable. Trust me, your ideas are valid, so that idea you’re about to push aside because you think it may not make sense, might just be what the world has been long waiting for. There’s no harm in trying!

  • Do not be afraid to fail.

I know you must have heard this times without number and I will repeat it again: Do not be afraid to fail. The fear of failure is still very much present in the hearts of many and this has caused a lot of execution paralysis of many great ideas (catching my sub too). What I’ve come to understand recently is that you truly-really never know except you try and when you eventually try and fail, in that failure lies your success. The answer you require to get it right will no longer be far fetched and this propels you several notches up the ladder. You can check the records of every great man or woman you know today, they failed woefully at one point or the other in their lives but didn’t end it there. So do not give up right there in that failure, all you may need might just be a little tweak here and there and that one last push.

  • Celebrate every milestone achieved but do not settle.

It is very okay to celebrate your achieved milestones. Sometimes, people get so caught up and carried away with the tons of work they have to do that they forget the little milestones they are achieving. Do not be so hard on yourself, sometimes you have to pause and evaluate how far you’ve gone, applaud and reward yourself by either taking yourself out or buying yourself a gift. If you can’t celebrate yourself, who will? Do not wait until you hit the Forbes list or until you’re interviewed on CNN before you can acknowledge your own efforts or how far you’ve come. Also on the other hand, ensure not to get laid back. Just as it can be very easy to forget that you’re achieving great heights, it can also be easy to get carried away with the achievements and hop right back into thy comfort zone, forgetting there’s still more work to do ahead. Know how and when to just draw the straight line.

  • Cultivate the habit/attitude of contentment.

There’s nothing as peaceful as being content with your portion. In this evolving era, comparison is the new cool and social media has even made that very easy. People compare their very okay lives to the controlled social media content of the next person. What you see on social media may not necessarily be the reality. Quit comparing your life and cultivate the habit of being content with where, who and what you are, nevertheless working towards becoming the better version of you. Comparison will only breed envy, bitterness, ungratefulness, hate and basically lack of your peace of mind which should not be traded for anything. Do you! Stay in your lane while working towards becoming a better version of you. Stop comparing your page 2 with another person’s page 75. No two people are the same, so are our journeys in life.

To be continued in the next post tomorrow… 🙂

Have a super amazing day/week and look out for the rest of this write-up tomorrow.

~ Mary Agaruwa


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