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Laughter, Smiles, Joy, Peace of mind and Happiness are also very useful healthy living tips… It’s not until one starts to diet or work out everyday that he/she knows that they are/becoming healthy… The question is:

Is your spirit crushed? Is your mind polluted, too crowded and devoid of peace? Is your heart unhappy?

Ask yourself these questions and if your answer to either one or all of them is Yes, then you are unhealthy no matter if you eat the right foods or gym/exercise the whole day…
Look out for the sources of peace of mind, joy, happiness, laughter and smiles and feed them to your inner being (God’s word is one of them)…

NB:- Proper Dieting(eating the right foods), good exercises, routine checks are very very important on the other hand but the wellness of your mind and your inner being in general are more important because they are the major debilitating factors to the ailments we see these days.

Many people are survivors of various chronic illnesses due to the state and well-being of their inner being. Some people who lost their lives, who were diagnosed and told about their underlying ailments initially actually started dying the moment they became aware of their illnesses…

What I’m saying in essence is that “The health and sound state of your mind/inner being is a prerequisite to and controls that of your outer being”… So make sure a routine check is done on inner being, ensure a sound mind at all times, take a break from activities and rest…

Have an amazing day… 🙂

~ Mary Agaruwa

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