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Some weeks ago, I attended a youth seminar in which I was called outside for a quick interview. The interviewer talked about the high rate of crime and cultism amongst the youths, which may probably be due to the current unfavorable state of the nation ( had always existed anyways). Then she asked about my opinion and what advice I had to give to the youths out there.

My reply was: “The youths actually have no excuse”. I went on by saying “an idle mind is the devil’s work shop/play ground, the youths have to get busy doing something meaningful to their lives and the world at large”.

Of a truth, an idle mind is indeed the devil’s work office/play ground. However, we can’t ignore the fact that the current state of the nation is not even smiling at all and has posed a lot of threat and confusion in the lives of many. There’s a great hike in the cost of virtually everything purchasable, salaries are being cut down, financial institutions are not recruiting for now and are laying off workers, basic amenities are not that basic anymore, things seem to be tough and so on. But there’s this saying that goes: “If there are no doors of opportunities, create one”.

The fact that you don’t have a “white collar job” yet or you’ve unfortunately been laid off from one, coupled with the current state of the nation, is not the end of the world and should not be an excuse to become a nuisance to the nation. Instead see it as an opportunity to explore the world of your creative imaginations and make a reality out them. The truth is that there’s always always something meaningful to do if only you can put away laziness, open your eyes and mind to see and configure your brain and body to act. Read edifying and character building books/write-ups, listen to edifying messages, genuinely serve in church, attend good seminars, conferences and work shops, be willing to volunteer for various organizational events because I bet you, the knowledge you’ll gain is way priceless and cannot be stolen from you. No knowledge gained is a waste and in order to stay relevant and useful, you have to keep acquiring knowledge and using the knowledge gained to help others. Also think creatively and pen down those creative thoughts and work towards making them a reality, attend master classes and do a lot of community service.

The fact that you may be jobless today doesn’t mean that you’ll be jobless forever. Get meaningfully busy, doing something that your future self will thank you for later. Set the tone now for the future you desire later. Work hard for what you want even if your efforts aren’t yielding the best results yet, in the nearest future it would definitely pay off and be like a film trick to you. (Proverbs 22:29Seest thou a man diligent in his work, he shall stand before kings and not ordinary men).
Don’t waste your time and allow your mind be a play ground for the devil. The funny thing about this devil is that he’s even diligent at what he does, he’s an expert in his handicraft, he doesn’t lay fallow doing nothing. He’s very very “actively busy” looking for people with great potentials but idle minds, to steal their potentials, kill their dreams and totally destroy the great future ahead.

So you see, the devil is busy too, what’s your excuse???!… Do not give him the chance of becoming his victim, instead victimize him by proving to him how powerless he is over your life and situation, by getting meaningfully busy!!!!..

Do not stay idle, Engage your mind, Think wide, Get creative and basically Get meaningfully busy!!!


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~ Mary Agaruwa

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