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Everybody cannot be YOU…

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Hi guys!..

I’ve been too tempted to spill a part of the write up I had been saving for a later day… but it’s fine, I shall spill 😀


Have you ever felt so frustrated and upset with people that you often feel like duplicating your being in them so they could get to think, talk and act like you or act in a manner that suits you??? Have you ever tried explaining or expressing yourself to people and it just seems like they are hard nuts to crack, like they don’t just get you or see things the way you see them???… Lol, then this is for you…


Okay about a few years back, I used to get unnecessarily pissed off and frustrated about the various attitudes of various people around me and it was way too easy for me to think I had no issues myself, like I was flawless when it comes to my relating with people. There was a day I got really pissed off and upset about something a good friend of mine did, all because he didn’t do that thing the way I had expected. To him, he didn’t think he had done anything wrong and this got me more upset. It was something that could have easily been overlooked but I just kept boiling and ranting to myself about how I wished I could duplicate my being in everybody in this world and how I wished everybody could just be me… That was the selfish part of me coming out to play…Lol… As a matter of fact every other person could have wished to duplicate themselves in me in order for me to act, see and do things the way they do as well. So it’s the same feeling all round.


Yea so basically, with time I began to realize that everybody cannot be you and you cannot change anybody to suit yourself. You’re not the Holy Spirit. When people act in a manner that’s not pleasing to you, whether they are close to you or not, it is left for you to activate your wisdom site and respond gracefully to their actions. If you really feel the need to correct them, correct in love and not from a confrontational angle. The truth is that you do not have the power over how they act towards you, but you have the power to respond gracefully to their actions which in turn controls the way they act towards you. Wisdom is always profitable to direct.

Don’t fuss about or mad at a person all because they don’t do things the way you do. Everybody cannot be you and until you understand this, you’d keep getting disappointed and frustrated with the various attitudes f the various people around you. The same way no two finger prints are the same, is the exact same way nobody can be like another. We should all learn to give some room, be accommodating, celebrate the uniqueness of others and learn lessons from them. Do not condemn people for who they are. Instead,  love and encourage them to improve and be better.


I hope this helps you. Have a fabulous day!.. 🙂

~ Mary Agaruwa

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