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Hi guys! Good morning,

This is a quick one… So I was just thinking about pain killers and how they work in the human body system. They basically just numb pains and make the person feeling pains unaware of it until it subsides and finally stops. In order words, because a person takes pain killers and feel relieved does not necessarily mean that there’s absence of the pains, like I said earlier it numbs pains and if you’ve noticed after the medication wears off, the person falls back to feeling the same excruciating pain(s). Now, this is basically likened to divine peace.

Divine peace is just like the pain killer. The out pouring of divine peace into the life of a person passing through a stormy or chaotic phase in their life is usually so effective and evident. This is the reason why you’ll see someone who must have lost his/her job, lost a loved one, failed an examination or is faced with some sort of great disappointment still being jolly, despite the loss. But this does not mean that they aren’t passing through a tough phase at that moment. The same way the pain killers numb the pains and makes the person unaware of the pains, is the same way the grace of divine peace from the Prince of Peace(Jesus) numbs the pains and sorrows experienced during great losses or tough times as mentioned above (Psalm 119:165). It is important to note that experiencing divine peace does not necessarily cause the eradication of the storm but instead, be sure for it to cause the presence of an unexplainable calmness, rest and overwhelming joy during the season of the storm.

In order to access that sort of grace, you ought to know the One(our Lord Jesus Christ) who gives it freely to those who are in need of it and ask (Matthew 7:7, Philippians 4:7-6). It’s not enough to just ask once and keep quiet. You’ll have to constantly ask for the grace to receive such peace of mind from Him during and even after that stormy phase. Peace of mind is priceless and should be obtained. It shouldn’t be traded for anything in this world.

Point focus/Prayer: Ask God to come into your life and reveal more of Himself to you, that you may experience His divine peace like never before. ( See also: John 16:33, John 14:27, Isaiah 26:3. Meditate and pray these scriptures back to God. Remember He honors His words more than His name).

Have a fabulous and peaceful day!.. 🙂

~ Mary Agaruwa.

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