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Hi guys!.. 🙂 🙂

Happy New Year in advance…

Uhmmm… So this December, we started a gratitude series on the blog scheduled to run for 31 days, where various people have been featured and have shared all that they have been grateful/thankful for in the entire year 2016, as well as a major lesson learnt. It has been super amazing so far and we have 2 features to go…Yaaayyyyyy!!! (it may eventually be 3 oh, because I want to share too..lol). I initially didn’t think it was going to run smoothly and this far but you know God now and how He does His things, He exceeds the expectations of humans…#ThatsHowMyPappiRolls 😉

Concerning Gratitude… The truth is that it’s actually so easy to become ungrateful in this present age because we easily get carried away by the numerous mundane activities in life these days and forget to be grateful for the numerous blessings made available to us by God per time/season. Instead of focusing on these blessings no matter how little, we tend to rather focus on the negative challenges being faced and on what God has not “seemingly” done yet, then we feel like there’s really nothing to be grateful for. Life is like a swinging pendulum, there would always be the highs and lows, it’s really never going to be a smooth sail all through. So no matter the circumstance you find yourself in, whether good or bad, do yourself a great service by being grateful/thankful. It goes a long way to keeping you positive about the future, as well as keeping you in a sound state of mind.


In the light of this, a 2017 Gratitude Journal was created just for you, in order to be intentional about expressing your gratitude to God this coming year and also for you to be able to reflect back as time goes on. It comes in three (3) different colors (Orange, Lilac and Grey) and would be available for purchase from the 31st  of December 2016 (Tomorrow), at the cost of N1,200 (one thousand two hundred naira only). However, you can pre-order from today if you may want to.

To place your order,

Call/send a message via watsapp to: 08134006790 , or

Send an email: mypearlperception@gmail.com , or

Send a DM on Instagram: @mypearlperception

and further details would be provided to you.

I wish you a splendid and an outstanding 2017 ahead!

Thank you!… 🙂

~ Mary Agaruwa

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