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Searching for Clarity???.. She probably seems to be MIA this period or don’t you think so???… Or could it be that she may be present in her fullness but may be going unnoticed???.. No one seems to probably pay attention to her, yet she speaks.
A lot of people out there are constantly getting frustrated as the days go by and are in dire need to gain clarity on what exactly to do, to keep them going. Due to impatience and the hustle&bustle of the mind, they get attacked by the “anywhere-belle-face” syndrome and begin to dabble into just about anything, thus making the search for clarity even tougher. The truth is that clarity speaks but when nobody seems to pay attention to her, she takes the back seat and goes barely unnoticed. A lot of rants and bants about the unimportant, fusing through and taking the front row seats in our minds. Howbeit, we need to take a recommended dose of the chill pill to numb the pains and cause some quiet in our minds, so Clarity may be heard.
Most times we have a lot running through our minds, we get so perturbed and disturbed about the situations surrounding us, that we literally get consumed without from within. Those thoughts sip in to cause a state of commotion and disarray of the mind. Due to the noisy and busy state of the mind, likened to a market square, and we tend to miss out on what really matters in that moment. I think It’s high time we took things slow for a bit and allow the peace that passes all understanding to flow that we may receive the clarity we desire with ease.
Clarity is absent, or I would rather say “inconsequential” in the presence of a chaotic environment… So now I ask: What’s the true state of your mind???
Is it so rowdy, chaotic and full of wishful thinking, family issues, career issues, thoughts of lack of lack money, the economic crunch situation in the nation, choice of life partner, how to pay up that loan, how to fend for the baby on board, how to up that seemingly “A-game” which just seems not to be stepping up???… What exactly is the true state of your mind???… I ask again!.
I suggest you take some time out and just relax. Bring the incessant stream of those unimportant or negative thoughts to a halt. Speak to your mind and let it know that you are the Boss and would want some quiet in there, cos you’re indeed the boss of your mind. You have the power to control the thoughts that majestically walk in and out of your mind. So therefore, detoxify your mind and head of all unnecessary and negative thoughts and start to fill them with positive and beautiful thoughts because what you have your mind dwell on is what will become.
Clarity is most optimal when your mind is at peace and properly focused. Relax, give time some time and let the beautiful things unfold as they should. It may not unfold as perfect or all rosy, but do not dwell on the fact that they are not all perfect and as rosy as you thought it would be, so you don’t miss out on what really matters in that moment. With time, everything will fall into place and you’ll wonder the magic that took place.
As a man thinks in his heart, so is he, therefore Guard your hearts with all diligence, for from it flows the course of life.
Clarity prevails in the absence of toxic thoughts!.. CLARITY SPEAKS, ARE YOU LISTENING???, ARE YOU ACKNOWLEDGING HER PRESENCE??? (Answer to yourself).
Have a fabulous weekend ahead!… 🙂
~Mary Agaruwa
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