Dear Beautiful Lady, You Are Priceless!


Okay so I was just about to sleep while God began to drop His words in my heart.
This is a message to every lady out there. Have it at the back of your mind, in the front of your mind, inside your mind and heart, in the lobes of the cerebrum of your brain, at the back of your palms, in the front of your palms, everywhere and anywhere possible that will always remind you this:

Nobody really appreciates Gold in its raw and unprocessed state. It has to pass through a very hot fiery furnace to be broken down and refined, after which it is poured into moulds of various shapes and sizes, which then becomes the super expensive gold Jewelries, ornaments and basically the beautiful gold wares we see and admire so much, most times from a distance. Guess what?… The seemingly unappreciated raw Gold has now been processed into the super appreciated Gold ware that a few people can afford.

For the fact that raw Gold isn’t really appreciated in its raw state compared to when in its processed/finished stated doesn’t change the worth of the raw gold in the eyes of the Goldsmith. He knows and sees the value/worth right from the start and the manner in which he sees it doesn’t change just because he knows how beautiful it would turn out to be when he’s done processing it.

The same applies to all ladies and I hope you get to read this. God has seen you in your rawest state and thinks you are priceless. For the fact you didn’t start well or people don’t appreciate you and you probably think you worth a dime, doesn’t change the way God sees and values you. He sees where your coming from and knows where you’re headed to just like the Goldsmith. He only just got started with you and trust me what you’d become in the end will be nothing compared to where you started from.

Enjoy your day… xoxo

Good morning!!!
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~Mary Agaruwa.

Preparing To Become A Wife: 10 Tips For Single Women

Culled from: BMWK, Written by: Tanika Jones

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Many women dream of that special day. You know the one, where all of the attention is on her in that gorgeous white dress. The flowers, the decorations, the fancy cars and let’s not forget, her Prince Charming.

Most women have an idea of what age they will be when Mr. Right asks her to spend the rest of her life with him. She has the colors picked out, the ideal season, the wedding party and even the guest list! To many women, the wedding day is the turning point in her life that will lead to her happily ever after. Many of us have focused (let’s be honest) so much time and thought on the wedding and the marriage that we have never spent enough time and energy on the most important part”…preparing to become a wife!

I too used to get excited about getting married, having a family and living the fairy tale princess life. But then it happened; reality hit me smack in the face. I started paying attention to women who were already wives. I quickly noticed that marriage takes work! I am talking about 24/7/365 work! The great thing about the marital covenant is that when you give it your all, you can live “happily ever after”!

As a woman involved in a courtship, I have obtained the counsel of women that have been married for 10+ years. I ask two questions that I believe will help prepare me to be the best wife that I can be. The first question is, “What are some things that you wish you would have done to prepare for marriage differently?” The other question is, “What advice would you give that would help me to be the wife that God calls women to be?” I have received great wisdom and advice from Godly women who have been married for close to 40 years! I would like to share that advice with other single women.

  1. Develop an intimate relationship with God. You cannot enter into a successful covenant with a husband if you don’t first have one with God. Seek biblical wisdom, study the word, develop a life of prayer and be dedicated to living for God. This will strengthen the marriage covenant when God allows you to walk into that season. A three-cord strand is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12)
  2. Master the art of fidelity and trust. No man wants a woman that cannot be faithful nor one that turns her neck at every fine man that she sees. Learn to 100% committed prior to a serious courtship. Be happy with what God has blessed you with and cultivate your relationship. It is also important to be a woman of your word. If you promise to do something, be sure to do it!
  3. Develop the ability to take care of a home. Ladies, in order to be a great partner in marriage, we must bring the ability to emotionally and physically take care of the house. Learn to set a atmosphere of peace and love. Avoid quarrels when possible. Practice gentleness with others that cross your path.
  4. Learn how to cook! My mother once told me that a woman that cannot cook is not cute! We know that men like to eat. Let’s be serious here. We all need to eat to live. Eating out all of the time can become expensive and who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal from time to time. If you cannot do anything beyond boil water, invest in a cookbook. Try one new meal a week and you will quickly improve your cooking skills.
  5. Make smart financial decisions. If you desire to marry a man that provides and makes the best decisions for his family, you need to do the same. Smart men don’t want to marry a woman that spends way more than she saves. Work on your budget and be sure to have an emergency fund that covers 3-6 months on expenses along with retirement savings. Preparing for tomorrow is important. The ability to manage money is important in marriage.
  6. Be complete as one. Be comfortable with not having a man in this season. Learn to be happy on your own. Find joy in those things that make you happy. Love what you have and don’t covet what others have. Spend time in your singleness doing the things that you love to do. Travel, find hobbies and do the things that married women tell you that you won’t have time to do when you get married and then become a mother.
  7. Learn the art of compromise. Marriage will be about give and take. While you are single, learn that you don’t always have to be right and accept that most things will not always happen your way. Be willing to sacrifice what you want for the benefit and happiness of others. Wives have to compromise many things. The earlier we learn to compromise, the better off we will be in marriage.
  8. Be committed to pursuing your dreams and supporting others. It is important to have your own goals and motivations prior to becoming one with your future husbands. The single season is a great opportunity to begin building your career, business or working towards other goals. Learn how to support family and friends in their endeavors as well. When you become a wife, you will have to support your husband’s dreams, possibly at the expense of yours. You must be okay with this level of sacrifice and compromise prior to committing to marriage.
  9. Know what submission is and be ready to walk in it. Many people shy way from this discussion. Submission is not equivalent to obedience. Submission is yielding in love. Study God’s design for marriage and understand the role of a wife. In your singleness, God is your husband. Submit yourself to Him. Trust His plan and timing for your life. Seek His guidance in all that you do. Practicing submission now will be the driving force to it being second nature to you once you become a wife.
  10. Be holy and feminine in your conduct. Always carry yourself as a classy woman who walks with confidence. Men want a woman they are proud to take home to their families. They want a woman with high self-esteem, one who walks gracefully, respects herself and others around her.

Marriage is a sacred bond between God, man and woman. This is a great starting list to help single women prepare.

Whether you are single or married, share with us any other advice that can help women (and men too) prepare for a successful and lifelong marriage.



I Am A Woman…

Written by Ore Badmus.


I am a woman

I am not weak

I am not the weaker sex,


I am a woman

I am more than my gender

I celebrate my femininity,


I am a woman

I am no lesser than the man

I have my purpose on earth,


I am a woman

I am a man with a different make up,


I am a woman

I find strength in what is perceived as my weakness,


I am a woman

I do not strive to be called equal to man,


I am a woman

I find Beauty and Pride in being me,


I am a woman

I revel in the uniqueness of my being.


~ Ore Badmus

A Letter to The Young Lady: “You are worth more”




Dear Princess, 

You are worth more….

You are worth more than rubies,

You are worth more than silver, gold or diamonds,

You are worth more than the Lambos, the Ferraris, the S65, the G-Wagens, the Bugattis,

You are worth more than the luxury island tours,

You are worth more than the private jets and premium class tickets,

You are worth more than the expensive and exclusive romantic dinner dates,

You are worth more than a 50-carat engagement/wedding ring,

You are worth more than the designer perfumes, bags, shoes and apparels,

You are worth more than the latest expensive gadgets,

You are worth more than a bouquet of nicely scented roses,

You are worth more than the beautifully composed romantic love notes,

You are worth more than the smooth, sweet unending talks,

You are worth more than anything in this world,

You are worth more than words could ever describe.

Your price is far from worthless and your worth is way too priceless,

You are too precious to be tossed in the pig’s sty or a trash can.

Do not allow temporary gratifications define or appraise your worth.

You are a Daughter of a KING and ought to live as nothing less than that.

You are royalty, You are priceless, You are more!…


Yours Sincerely,

Mary Agaruwa.

7 Things Ladies Really Mean When They Say, “I need a God-fearing Man for a partner”

Written by Toyosi Akinduro


Black woman hugging her knees
I need a God-fearing Man for a partner…

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only who has heard ladies say, “I want a man who fears God.” Haha! That’s an ambiguous statement, you know.

So, don’t get all happy saying, “I’ve finally met a good girl”, hmmmm!

That’s the same lady you’ll hear saying, “Ladies, love bad guys”. And she wants a God-fearing man. So, in essence, she wants a good-bad guy to Love and for marriage? Am I missing something here?

Different strokes for different folks- Different Ladies mean different things when they say , “I need a God- fearing man for a life partner”.

Ride with me as we explore some of their decoded interpretations of the statement/sentence, “I need a God-fearing man for a marriage partner”

1. I need a man who fears God enough to keep me in control of his financial dynasty

While this is not bad in itself, obsession for it is deadly. I’ve had friends who got married just hearing him say, “I live in Dubai”, “I did my MSc in Ontario Canada”. “My mum is in Germany” and as for my dad “he lives and works in Abuja”… She is already head over heels in love already. He may be lying o! These days, guys fake calls and let her hear it. How cheap!

2. I need a man who fears God enough not to hit me

She has probably seen the way women were maltreated by Unreasonable Men in the past and she grew to detest such. She doesn’t want much from a man-she abhors a man hitting a Lady. She can call a relationship quit for that.

3. I need a man who fears God enough not to cheat on me

Her name is…… She is like every girl… No girl wants to be cheated upon? But she is different. It has never been easy “testing” relationships because of her “fragile heart”. She sees love as a man not cheating on her. Even if he is, she doesn’t wanna know.

‎4. I need a man who fears God enough to raise our Children to be strong and wise leaders

She truly loves children and all her childhood dream was hinged on raising children that will change the world or make a national difference. If she can find such a man, she calls him, God fearing.

5. I need a man who fears God so much that he sticks with me and my dreams even through hard times and doesn’t take sides with his family against me.

Basically, standing by her means a lot. She just needs to know that you’ll stand by her should the need arise. How do you respond to her dreams?

6. I need a man who fears God enough to practice my faith with me.

She is so glued to her worship center that if you’re not worshiping with her she can’t even classify you a strong believer. I heard JWs most times marry themselves…

7. I need a man who truly fears, loves, and Serves God with All his heart.

She loves him mainly because he truly upholds the tenet of her religion. He loves her Lord, so she loves him unconditionally.

They’re not many but they exist. She isn’t into the “Good girls love bad guys” game.

Her flair is first towards seeking a man that can be a man, in prayers, the Bible/ Qur’an, and Giving to the poor.

This is the lady that really understands what she means when she says, “I need a God-fearing Man for a partner”