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Do not get carried away by the “itsy bitsy” possessions & characteristics of a person that you ignore the red flags… The red flags are the signs you asked/prayed for… (The itsy bitsy possessions and characteristics include :- #SleekRide #NiceHouse #CEO #TDH #OilCompany #BeardGang #NiceBody  #NiceShape #NiceButts #SixPacks #Figure8 #HotLegs #SmoothSkin #LovelyVoice #GreatAccent #FashionSlayer #SmellsNice #Dreamer #SweetTalker #GreatSmile #DimpledCheeks  #Beautiful #Pretty #Handsome the list is actually unending).
Being Beautiful or Handsome ought to be way beyond what the eyes can see. A certified beautiful or handsome person is the one who’s good looking within and without. Do not let the smooth/sweet talks cloud or blind your sense of judgement and reasoning. If he or she constantly talks the walk and barely walks the talk, then there are most likely greater chances of pretense in the picture. Actions speak louder and more authentically than words.
People blame failed relationships, abusive relationships or broken marriages on Love and say “Love is Blind” or say “Sometimes Love goes Wrong”… Give Love a break!..Love is not blind, Love never goes wrong, Love sees clearly. I’ll rather blame it on the sense of reasoning.. The sense of reasoning is the blind one, the sense of reasoning went wrong.
The truth is that, if you get into a relationship or marriage for the very many wrong reasons, do not be surprised when the relationship or marriage doesn’t last or stand the test of time. You hear all sorts, e.g: “Many of my friends are married or in a relationship”(as a result of peer pressure and lack of self esteem),  “I just need someone to call my own”(as a result of loneliness).. Okay after “calling the person your own” what next???.. No Purpose!.. There’s this popular saying that goes: “When the purpose of a thing is unknown or not clearly known, abuse is inevitable” and it’s just the basic truth. Abuse in that context basically means that just about anything goes, anything is acceptable, anything is bound to happen. If you are about to be or you already are in a relationship and you haven’t defined or spelled out the aim/purpose for that relationship, please do so ASAP before the wedding vows are taken. It is very important!.. It’s better to be on your own than to be in a wrong/abusive relationship and later end up in a broken marriage…
Be careful and wise!
I’ll d love to hear your own contributions, do not hesitate to kindly leave your comments below. Thank you and have a fabulous weekend. 🙂
~Mary Agaruwa
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