Dear Beautiful Lady, You Are Priceless!


Okay so I was just about to sleep while God began to drop His words in my heart.
This is a message to every lady out there. Have it at the back of your mind, in the front of your mind, inside your mind and heart, in the lobes of the cerebrum of your brain, at the back of your palms, in the front of your palms, everywhere and anywhere possible that will always remind you this:

Nobody really appreciates Gold in its raw and unprocessed state. It has to pass through a very hot fiery furnace to be broken down and refined, after which it is poured into moulds of various shapes and sizes, which then becomes the super expensive gold Jewelries, ornaments and basically the beautiful gold wares we see and admire so much, most times from a distance. Guess what?… The seemingly unappreciated raw Gold has now been processed into the super appreciated Gold ware that a few people can afford.

For the fact that raw Gold isn’t really appreciated in its raw state compared to when in its processed/finished stated doesn’t change the worth of the raw gold in the eyes of the Goldsmith. He knows and sees the value/worth right from the start and the manner in which he sees it doesn’t change just because he knows how beautiful it would turn out to be when he’s done processing it.

The same applies to all ladies and I hope you get to read this. God has seen you in your rawest state and thinks you are priceless. For the fact you didn’t start well or people don’t appreciate you and you probably think you worth a dime, doesn’t change the way God sees and values you. He sees where your coming from and knows where you’re headed to just like the Goldsmith. He only just got started with you and trust me what you’d become in the end will be nothing compared to where you started from.

Enjoy your day… xoxo

Good morning!!!
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~Mary Agaruwa.


Hi guys!!!

It’s another spotlight on the “Personality of the Month” series. So moving on, our personality for this month, the month of June is none other than a daring, audacious young lady who would go beyond her limit to achieve her set goals and ensure that her dreams become a reality. She has been able to successfully juggle Law school along with her side hustle. It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you, Esther Sanda.


The Interview…

1.)~~ Hi Esther, we are glad to have you on here… I won’t spill the beans this time around, like in the last series. So Esther, kindly tell us a little about yourself and what you do…

I’m Esther Sanda, the 1st child out of three girls, I’m a law student, I run an online beauty store called AfriBeautyHub and also kicking off a mini campaign and charity against child hawking (CharityWithAyaoba).

2.)~~ Oh wow!.. How is it that you’ve been able to combine running your business (AfriBeautyHub), kick starting an NGO and being a Law student… Cos’ I mean, that’s a hard nut to crack. What’s your secret???

To be honest the only secret I can say it is, is God’s Mercy, Grace, Favor and Divine Help. Is nothing easy but that is just the secret… Jesus, Holy Spirit, God

3.)~~ Knowing fully well that being a Law student can be quite demanding and overwhelming, what exactly prompted the passion for AfriBeautyHub and CharityWithAyaoba and fuels it till this moment?

I always say that there is an assignment God wants everyone to fulfill and I see myself running Afribeautyhub as one of those assignments. When God gives the assignment, He will always make a way.

The passion behind Afribeautyhub is my belief in the possibilities in Africa. Afribeautyhub is a platform for Africans to know, appreciate and purchase beauty brands manufactured by our own people with our resources. If a child is not loved by his own parents, it will be difficult for an external person to do. So when we Africans appreciate and purchase beauty brands manufactured by our people, we will improve the society economically and also make other people(foreigners) to appreciate us.

Charity With Ayaoba is an initiative to support kids who hawk during school hours. I see it as a privileged and a blessing not to have gone through that in life. So helping a few of them as much as we can and making their dreams come through is the goal.

4.)~~ Do you live with your parents???

Oh..yes I do

5.)~~ Really?.. What was their initial reaction to your decision to juggling school alongside your passion and how have they been able to concur to your bold steps, cos the average Nigerian parent may not give the go ahead to such decisions but would rather advice that you focus on school first???

At the initial stage it was just between my mom and I. But since my dad got to know, he has also supported greatly. They encourage me to balance my time properly especially because of the course am doing. I have my warehouse and office space in the house, they help monitor my sales rep regularly which gives room for me to concentrate on other things. They have being so proud of me and I really appreciate them, though they never hesitate to always remind me to focus on my education.

6.)~~ What are your greatest challenges so far and how have you been able to overcome them???

One of it is the funds. It is a major one especially toΒ buy products out of stock, to market a lot but God has been faithful. AlsoΒ regarding the making brands aspect, the deferred payment agreement is a challenge, as well as my location. People most times appreciate people in Lagos than they do to any other place. Basically, managing everything together has been a challenge as a whole, but God’s Strength is all that has helped. I can’t exactly say β€œthis is the way” I’ve been able to overcome them.

7.)~~ What would you say your greatest sacrifice for your passion is???Β 

Hmmm…Β Forfeiting to buy all the things I should because I rather spend on the business.

I mean not purchasing material things just to save up to get things done and fixed for the business. Also staying up late to research, while others are either reading or sleeping/resting for the next day’s activities.

8.)~~ Hmmm.. Well done!… So tell us, what’s a successful daily routine for you???

A successful daily routine for me is making sure I win over at least one Customer and a brand as much as I can.

9.)~~ Where do you see yourself in the next 5years?.. Would you still be a practicing Lawyer???

Yes, by God’s Grace I will still practice.Β I see myself having one of the biggest online beauty store in Africa and the globe, giving opportunities for a better life and impacting the society and economy.

10.)~~ The last but not the least, what’s your advice to the youths out there who are striving to make their dreams become a reality???

Know what you want early enough, stand for it and daily develop yourself and learn more. Giving up is not an option, always remind yourself what the end result of hard work, consistency and integrity would be.

Also, let God be at the center of all your decisions.

Wheww!.. Thank you very much The audacious Esther!.. We have no doubt that you’re definitely going places. This is just the beginning as the sky is not even anywhere close to your limit. Keep up the good work.


As Esther said earlier, Afribeautyhub is a platform for Africans to know, appreciate and purchase beauty brands manufactured by Africans. Do not hesitate to visit their website ( for the purchase of a variety of African quality beauty branded products. You can as well follow the Instagram handle (@afribeautyhub) for more updates.

Also to support and be a part of CharityWithAyaoba, the project of raising hope for a child by eradicating child hawking, visit their Facebook page ( or send an email to Their Instagram handle is @charitywithayaoba.

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Feel free to share this post and/or leave your comments below. Thank you and have an amazing weekend. TGIF!!!!!. πŸ™‚

~ Mary Agaruwa