What Is God Really Saying???

Hi guys,
I’ll love to share something God taught me a few Sundays ago, with you. Oh yes!.. Often times God teaches me Himself and I’m very much thankful for the privilege to learn at His feet. Okay so basically, I’ll just share a really short story about What He taught me and How He taught me what he taught me, but first of all just pause and ask yourself these questions: What is God really Saying???… I’m I really Listening???…
You know most times when that hunger/thirst to serve God and basically do His will is very much present in us, we just have that feeling of always wanting to love-up on God and do everything possible to be in His good book at all times. In such situations, we tend to be in so much haste to please Him to the extent that we get carried away and so basked in love with the Zeal and mandate of pleasing Him, that we fail to listen to Him and follow His instructions.
Do not get me wrong, having the zeal and knowing the mandate to please God are very good and right in themselves but what makes it wrong is when we are in love with them (zeal and mandate) rather than being in love with God Himself that we fail to listen to Him. Just like how people get infatuated with the “idea of love” rather than truly loving a person. The two factors in the two similar scenarios are very much different but feel so much alike that you could hardly tell the difference until something happens.
A few Sundays ago, I got to Church early to quickly set up the 1st timers package and get to my seat, as I was so eager, when I say so eager ehn.., I mean, I was too desperate to “Praise and Worship” God, even to the extent I had to walk away from the area where the Head of my department was as He was doing something that almost got me angry. So I got to my seat and while the worship session began, I was pretty much excited then I noticed I wasn’t just flowing with it. I said within myself: “you see this worship ehh, I must worship the worship by force”, so I tried and tried but it wasn’t just flowing, something was not just right, something was missing (You see right here, I was indeed worshipping the worship, rather than worshipping God). So God spoke to me and told me to pray in tongues. I’m like “Pray in tongues keh?… But I want to worship you now, I was created to worship you, please let me worship you”. The worship was a do or die affair for me at that moment and He told me again to just Pray in tongues, so I reluctantly agreed but asked what I was going to be praying about, then He goes: “Pray for people in the church struggling like you to enter into the inner realm of true worship”. It hit me like dang!!!.. So I started praying, then He opened my eyes to see some black specimens preventing people by pushing them away from entering His court. Nobody told me to fire the prayer well, so prayed all through the praise and worship session and felt an uncommon peace/ease in my heart.
Now what I’m I trying to depict here???…
– You see it didn’t make sense for me to pray in tongues while the praise and worship session was going on but the truth and fact is that God’s ways never make sense to us humans, all He’s asking is that we just outrightly obey Him. (Isaiah 55:8-9). You can see that it was way beyond the physical, it was way beyond how I was feeling and what I wanted to give to Him (worship). He basically had plans to avert the plans of the devil. Obedience is an act of worship.
– I was so eager and desperate to worship God that I missed out the true essence and meaning of worship. It’s not until you start singing the praise and worship songs that you know you are worshipping or have worshipped God. Do not be like the pharisees God referred to in Matthew 15:8-9a which says “These people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain”. (See also; Isaiah 29:13-14, Mark 7:6-7)
It simply means that worshipping God is basically the state of your heart inclined/focused/channeled  towards Him and when your heart is channeled towards Him, you’ll hear Him speak. When He speaks please just obey, don’t ask many questions or be reluctant like I did.
– Finally, never be in too much haste to worship and please God that you miss out on the whole essence of truly worshipping and pleasing Him. When you feel that burning hunger/thirst so strong within, make a conscious effort to ask God what he’ll have you do for Him. If He now says worship me, or pray, or go reach out to a particular person, or clean the chairs, or give all your money as offering, or just whatever at all He says you should do, just do it sharp sharp. The reason is because if you give more room to time, the human mind will start to analyze and process the instruction, then you’ll find yourself trying to give excuses as to why you can’t follow His instructions. The truth with God’s instructions is that when we humans give room for thoughts on what God has told us to do, it gradually becomes the undoing of that thing. Sometimes we are lucky that we end up obeying, other times we are unlucky that we don’t obey and miss out on the blessings package in the instruction.
Hmmmphh!…I’ll stop here for now but will just leave you with a question and a phrase: What is God really saying???… Just Obey!!!
May God help us all by giving us the Grace and inner strong conviction to obey Him at all times, in Jesus name, Amennn!…. Have an amazing week ahead. 😊
~ Mary Agaruwa.

Life lessons from the laws of motion (Part 3)

Hiyaaaa!. 😀
I guess your weekend was all shades of amazing.. Mine was kinda eventful and as swift as a whirling wind.. Oh, how I wish we could have weekends everyday apart from two days set aside for work, just for the sake of not being too selfish. I know some people would rather wish to have everyday to themselves..I see you oh!..lol. God worked for six good days and had just a day to rest, after which He resumed a full-time job without a single day, hour, minute or second to rest up till now. We were made in His own image so we don’t even have an excuse…lol, God help us all, Amen!
Yaaayyyy!.. So I’ll be sharing the third and final part of life lessons from the laws of motion. To read the first and second parts respectively, CLICK HERE and HERE.

The Third law of motion states that: For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.
This simply implies that in every interaction, there are pairs of forces acting on the two interacting objects, in which the forces emanate from each of the two objects towards themselves. For example:-
A sky rocket works in a way that it’s action is to push down on the ground the force of its powerful engines and the reaction is that the ground pushes the rocket upwards with an equal force. If the force of the push down action of the rocket isn’t enough, the ground will not be able to release the push up force adequate enough to launch the rocket into the sky which may most likely cause the rocket to fall back and crash.

law of motion part 3

This Third Law of motion is likened to the association and company we keep. It gives rise to the questions: Who are those you call your friends?, Who are those in your inner circle?, Who are your personal cheerleaders?
Whether you like it or not, the company of friends you keep and basically the people you surround yourself with, have a very great impact on you are and who you’ll be in life. Have you ever noticed how or wondered why you live with or spend so much time with certain people and you begin to take up some of their characters, while they also take up some of your characters???.. Now that’s exactly what I’m talking about, you can’t escape the energies from close companions, that’s why it’s advisable to choose wisely. (Proverbs 13:20)

Recently, a friend of mine was telling me about how he wished he was like me because of the little things I do and the company of friends I keep. He said he really needed to change his circle of friends and have new friends that actually care and would always have his back. It simply meant that he wasn’t comfortable with the energies that emanate from his surrounding friends. So I told him the change had to actually start from him first. If he upgrades his own thinking perspective (energy emanating from him) and constantly do the right things he had always wanted to do, he would get to meet the right people who would then give the same grade of energy in return. The truth is, if your not willing to upgrade you, you shouldn’t expect any upgrade around you. If you are ambitious and spend so much time with friends who aren’t ambitious like you, two things either happen:-
1.) You either influence them to become ambitious like you OR
2.) They influence you to become less ambitious like them.
An equilibrium state is usually established and the latter is usually the most rampant outcome because, the number of inner circle friends are most times more than one, while you are just one.
So basically, they company of friends and people you surround yourself with, matter a whole lot. (Proverbs 27:17)

A short recap and summary learnt so far from the three laws:
What you do with yourself, Who directs and gives you guidelines and Those you call your core crew currently in life are very very important factors that will determine what you’ll eventually become later in life. Be wise, Be careful. You can’t actually be wise on your own or careful enough without God, He gives the wisdom that’s profitable to direct. So make Him the center of every single step you take in life’s journey and it’ll be worthwhile for you.
Thank you and have a lovely week😊!!! (drops mic).

~Mary Agaruwa

Just Pray!!!


When you’re tired, PRAY. When you’re agile, PRAY. When you’re sick, PRAY. When you’re healthy, PRAY. When your emotions are raging, PRAY. When you’re in a state of euphoria, PRAY. When you’re in a state of dysphoria, PRAY. When all is going well, PRAY. When all is not going well PRAY. When you’re confused and lack direction, PRAY. When you have a direction and you’re not confused, PRAY. When you hope for that dream job, PRAY. When you finally get that dream job, PRAY. When the going gets tough, PRAY. When the tough gets going, PRAY. When you’re in doubt and your faith fails you, PRAY. When you’re not in doubt and your faith doesn’t shake a bit, PRAY. When you’re asleep, PRAY. When you’re awake, PRAY. If you’re single, PRAY. If you’re in a relationship, PRAY. If you’re married, PRAY. If you have children, PRAY. If you don’t have children, PRAY. If you have cloth to wear, food to eat or shelter above your head, PRAY. If you don’t have cloth to wear, food to eat or shelter above your head, still PRAY.

The bottom line is PRAY all you can about everything and anything at all. PRAY without ceasing because we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).It’s not until you start making your voice heard in your environment or doing the violent type of prayers that you know you have prayed or you know you are praying. Although there are times when praying violently is very much needed. Let the Holy Spirit lead you.

Also, there are times when words fail you and times when you don’t know what to pray about (Romans 8:26). In such cases, switch to praying in tongues (for those who already do). For those who don’t pray in tongues yet, not to worry you aren’t left out, just ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray, ask Him to drop the words in your heart, trust me, the words will begin to flow. Nevertheless, create time to seek His face for Him to baptize you with the Holy Ghost that you’ll begin to pray in other tongues. It is important, as this it is a heavenly language/the language of angels which the devil doesn’t and cannot understand.

For you to be baptized with the Holy Ghost, you’ll have to desire the gift before it is given to you by God through the Holy Spirit (1Corinthians 12:31, 1Corinthians 14:1-2). He obviously wouldn’t want the gift to be redundant when it’s given to a person. Just like when you given a friend a gift, you expect and look forward to seeing them use the gift, which makes you happy. So yeah, He wouldn’t want to give the gift to someone who will not use it, to someone who’ll just toss it somewhere in his/her heart and always oppress it when He (The Holy Spirit) tries to express Himself through that person.

I personally am still learning to keep the communication line between myself and God constantly open, 247, every month of the year, which is basically what Prayer is(Communication with God). I’m far from being there yet but I won’t stop trying. I believe you can too, so try your best to always PRAY because PRAYER IS THE ONLY MASTER KEY!!!..

May God help us all in Jesus name, Amen!!!.. Have a fabulous day!

~Mary Agaruwa

Life lessons from the Laws of Motion (Part 2)

Hi guys!..

It’s another great and a lovely brand new week… Love was in the air all through the weekend, like it literally rained red roses, innit?? :D..lol. Who’s excited to take on the week???.. I’m sure not many people are:( . I know you wish it were a Valentine’s Boxing Day, right??? or better still a Valentine’s week???.. Pele, If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Oya! put a smile 😀 on your face no matter condition, Feyin e.

Okay so let’s get down to the subject of the day. Last week I shared the first part of the life lessons from the laws of motion, if you read it say “Yay”..lol. So basically, I’ll be sharing the second part which pertains to the second law of motion…Oh, by the way, just in case you didn’t get to read the first part, kindly CLICK HERE to read it first, as you may not really get my drift if you’re yet to read it. So like I said initially, I’ll be sharing the second part which pertains to the second law of motion, therefore join me in my boat of expressive thoughts as we sail through the life lessons embedded in the 2nd Law of Motion.



The Second law of motion states that: Acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass. The greater the mass (of the object being accelerated), the greater the amount of force needed (to accelerate the object).

Acceleration is the rate at which an object changes its velocity (speed). The law simply implies that there’s an increase in the rate/speed at which an object moves when there’s existing force acting on it and the measure of increase is dependent on the magnitude of force acting. For example:- Containers of goods(the mass) to be shipped at wharfs are loaded into the ships using cranes(the force), right??.. But there are as well various sizes of cranes for various weights of containers. Heavier containers are loaded using bigger cranes and vice versa, which makes the work faster and less stressful. Now imagine using a smaller crane to lift and load a heavier container. In this case, two things either happen:

  1. The container either drops half way in the air OR
  2. The time taken to lift and load the heavy container will be much longer compared to when a bigger sized crane is used.

This Second law of motion is likened to the fact that every individual with a great purpose/potential (mass) requires the right counselor or a mentor or a coach (force) to achieve that greatness in life. Whether you like it or not, no man is an island and you cannot, I repeat You Cannot achieve your purpose in life on your own. Therefore, you need people(coach, mentor or counselor) who have gone ahead of you or are more skilled in your niche so they can impact on you and help you with maximizing your potentials to achieving that great purpose and at the best acceleration possible.  So I’ll say that this law gives rise to the questions: Who are your mentors, counselors or coaches?, Who are your sources of inspiration/motivation?, Are they the right driving forces or not?.

As a matter of fact the coach or counselor you choose, who is like the force to accelerate you into achieving your purpose in life is very very key, as they have an upper hand in how well and swift you’ll run with your vision. If you choose to have the wrong mentors or coaches, then your speed will obviously be limited (that’s if there’ll be any speed at all). For example:- Someone with great prospects of becoming an outstanding Fashion designer who has a Footballer as a mentor will not get the much needed right force to drive him/her. I dunno if you get my drift here?.. I mean these are two entirely different niches in which the footballer has little or no impact on a prospective outstanding fashion designer. This at the same time doesn’t mean the footballer cannot be a mentor; the footballer shouldn’t be the only and main mentor.

Basically in summary, you need the right source(s) of motivation and inspiration in other to attain those great heights in life. If you don’t have any, there are many of them, just be careful to choose rightly from that area/niche you’re heading to and learn from them. Although you can have those from other niches as well, but make sure you have at least one from that particular niche you are heading to.

Note:- Mentors/counselors/coaches don’t own your vision, their job is to help you, their job is to be a catalyst or a driving force so Do Not expect them to carry your own vision on their heads while you relax and chill for it to get achieved, if not you’ll just be a disappointed joker!..

Also, above every and any human coach, the most important and most recommended is God (Proverbs 16:9). Sincerely speaking, without God being the foundation in every area of our lives, things won’t go right and you can’t achieve your God given purpose in life because He is the source from which the purpose was birthed in the 1st place (Jeremiah 1:5). So always ensure He is at the center of every single move you make(which is inclusive of choosing your mentors/coaches/counselors).

I’ll share the third and final part next week, so anticipate!. Your comments and contributions are highly welcome, do not hesitate to share in the comment box below. Thank you and have a fruitful and amazing week!.. 🙂

~Mary Agaruwa