Choices as a result of setbacks.



When disappointments set in as a result of things not going as planned, you have either of the two choices to make… You can either choose not to allow the situation define you and then you prepare for a major COMEBACK or you can choose to allow the situation define you, drown in the pool of self pity, be comfortable with the unfavorable situation and just LAYBACK… The choice is actually yours!!!
You may be all sad, depressed, less zealous and basically disappointed that your plans didn’t work out; that’s fine, we are all Humans but Please don’t settle there!!!… Talk to God about it and find out ways to make good of the bad. The truth is, it might not make sense now but later it will and then you’ll understand why it happened and Thank God for the disappointment.
As a matter of fact from the Bible, God’s ways never make sense. So try not to make sense of what He’s making sense of… It’s okay not to have it all figured out. He’s working behind the scene for your sake, so don’t give up or settle, keep moving!!!…

~ Mary Agaruwa

Seventy × Seven


Hi guys!… an amazing morning to you all.

I would just share something really quick, it’s an aspect of Matthew 18:21-22 that many people haven’t realized and sometimes suffer for the lack of knowledge embedded in that Bible verse.

So yeahh, recently God opened my eyes of understanding to a hidden treasure in that Bible verse. You know there are times when we go against God’s will(not intentionally), then realize deep down in our hearts that we’ve hurt Him. At such point, you begin to feel really bad about your actions but sometimes and somehow you feel very reluctant, scared or inadequate to ask for His forgiveness because you also feel He is extremely mad at you, right?

I’ll tell you what!… Those feelings are as a result of the cooked up lies the devil tries well to feed our sub-conscious, in order to make us distance ourselves from God. There were some bad habits I made conscious efforts to stop, every time I realized I was doing that same thing I always told God “i’m sorry, forgive me, i’m trying”. At some point I didn’t see myself improve, so i was like “wohhhh! Mary, i’m not sure you can change, you always hurt God and keep saying “i’m sorry” every time and He’ll always be angry with you”. I basically felt like I had run out of my forgiveness chances. As the thought kept crossing my mind, it made me more reluctant to talk to God and I felt myself drifting away because I was disappointed at the fact that I was always saying sorry but never changing. (Let me break it down, you know that guilty conscience kinda feeling that comes when you unintentionally hurt a very good friend over and over again and you just feel disappointed, like you’re not good enough for them… Ehennn…Yes!..that feeling). So the scripture Matthew 18:21-22 popped up in my head and I heard God say that if He could instruct us human beings to forgive anyone who hurt us, up seventy × seven times in a day, then how much more Him who gave the word?.. I was speechless and literally felt the burden scale off my heart. God is too good!

In essence, there may be times when you just feel like you’ve run out of your forgiveness chances from God. That feeling is as a result of the lies the devil tries to feed your sub-conscious, which then makes you want to run away from/ leave God’s presence. God is a loving father/friend and is ever willing to be there for us at all times if only we learn to understand Him. His love never fails and nothing can separate us from His love(Romans 8:35-39). So when next you feel that way, immediately ask for His forgiveness and help. He is not a man who might hold grudges against you, He is God!… Don’t avoid or distance yourself from Him.

One more thing, at the same time, this doesn’t mean that you should now begin to take undue advantage of His love and forgiveness by willfully going against His will while assuring yourself that He is a forgiving God. All I can say is that He sees your heart and knows every intention  of yours.

Be consciously committed to the important…



If the important things are neglected for too long, they’ll in the long run turn out to be urgent crisis that will require immediate and prompt attention, thus causing disorderliness and conflict of priorities. SET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT AND CONSCIOUSLY COMMIT TO THE IMPORTANT!!!

~ Mary Agaruwa

7 Things Ladies Really Mean When They Say, “I need a God-fearing Man for a partner”

Written by Toyosi Akinduro


Black woman hugging her knees
I need a God-fearing Man for a partner…

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only who has heard ladies say, “I want a man who fears God.” Haha! That’s an ambiguous statement, you know.

So, don’t get all happy saying, “I’ve finally met a good girl”, hmmmm!

That’s the same lady you’ll hear saying, “Ladies, love bad guys”. And she wants a God-fearing man. So, in essence, she wants a good-bad guy to Love and for marriage? Am I missing something here?

Different strokes for different folks- Different Ladies mean different things when they say , “I need a God- fearing man for a life partner”.

Ride with me as we explore some of their decoded interpretations of the statement/sentence, “I need a God-fearing man for a marriage partner”

1. I need a man who fears God enough to keep me in control of his financial dynasty

While this is not bad in itself, obsession for it is deadly. I’ve had friends who got married just hearing him say, “I live in Dubai”, “I did my MSc in Ontario Canada”. “My mum is in Germany” and as for my dad “he lives and works in Abuja”… She is already head over heels in love already. He may be lying o! These days, guys fake calls and let her hear it. How cheap!

2. I need a man who fears God enough not to hit me

She has probably seen the way women were maltreated by Unreasonable Men in the past and she grew to detest such. She doesn’t want much from a man-she abhors a man hitting a Lady. She can call a relationship quit for that.

3. I need a man who fears God enough not to cheat on me

Her name is…… She is like every girl… No girl wants to be cheated upon? But she is different. It has never been easy “testing” relationships because of her “fragile heart”. She sees love as a man not cheating on her. Even if he is, she doesn’t wanna know.

‎4. I need a man who fears God enough to raise our Children to be strong and wise leaders

She truly loves children and all her childhood dream was hinged on raising children that will change the world or make a national difference. If she can find such a man, she calls him, God fearing.

5. I need a man who fears God so much that he sticks with me and my dreams even through hard times and doesn’t take sides with his family against me.

Basically, standing by her means a lot. She just needs to know that you’ll stand by her should the need arise. How do you respond to her dreams?

6. I need a man who fears God enough to practice my faith with me.

She is so glued to her worship center that if you’re not worshiping with her she can’t even classify you a strong believer. I heard JWs most times marry themselves…

7. I need a man who truly fears, loves, and Serves God with All his heart.

She loves him mainly because he truly upholds the tenet of her religion. He loves her Lord, so she loves him unconditionally.

They’re not many but they exist. She isn’t into the “Good girls love bad guys” game.

Her flair is first towards seeking a man that can be a man, in prayers, the Bible/ Qur’an, and Giving to the poor.

This is the lady that really understands what she means when she says, “I need a God-fearing Man for a partner”


Glow in Health…


Laughter, Smiles, Joy, Peace of mind and Happiness are also very useful healthy living tips… It’s not until one starts to diet or work out everyday that he/she knows that they are/becoming healthy… The question is:

Is your spirit crushed? Is your mind polluted, too crowded and devoid of peace? Is your heart unhappy?

Ask yourself these questions and if your answer to either one or all of them is Yes, then you are unhealthy no matter if you eat the right foods or gym/exercise the whole day…
Look out for the sources of peace of mind, joy, happiness, laughter and smiles and feed them to your inner being (God’s word is one of them)…

NB:- Proper Dieting(eating the right foods), good exercises, routine checks are very very important on the other hand but the wellness of your mind and your inner being in general are more important because they are the major debilitating factors to the ailments we see these days.

Many people are survivors of various chronic illnesses due to the state and well-being of their inner being. Some people who lost their lives, who were diagnosed and told about their underlying ailments initially actually started dying the moment they became aware of their illnesses…

What I’m saying in essence is that “The health and sound state of your mind/inner being is a prerequisite to and controls that of your outer being”… So make sure a routine check is done on inner being, ensure a sound mind at all times, take a break from activities and rest…

Have an amazing day… 🙂

~ Mary Agaruwa