A good number of us as individuals have that aim, that vision, that goal, that really bright and outstanding future we would all love to live someday but the sad thing is that our generation falls a great prey to the misconception that it’s okay to “Fake A Life Until You Make It”. It’s quite unfortunate that such a potent generation of great virtues and peculiarities embedded in it, is steady losing its values. A number of people in this generation are so eager to get to that successful point in life or may probably be so captivated by some other person’s successful life that they begin to fake/live that person’s life. The truth is once you begin to fake it, you’ll continue to fake it and never really make it. Fake is always fake no matter how brushed up or how original it’s disguised to be. Faking a life is as good as building an imaginary castle that when done building, you’d only realize you built nothing. It’s as good as lying and what happens when you lie without admitting?… You keep telling lies upon lies and lies to cover up stacks of lies. This definitely mars the peace of mind God wants us to constantly have, so why fake tho???. You know a particular life and future you would want to establish, why not get an approval from your maker(God) first and begin to faith it?. “Faithing” in this context simply means trusting God through the process of your hard work and hoping that someday you’ll achieve your goals and far beyond. The basic truth according to the Bible is that faith without works is dead(James 2:17). Nothing great comes easy, so you can’t just sit doing nothing or sleep or eat or relax all through and expect your faith to catapult you to your destination. It’s no aeroplane, Wake Up!!!…Even an aeroplane requires effort to be flown to a destination.

— Stay in your own lane… Enjoy being you, living you and growing you. Faking is stressful, causes insecurities, restlessness and mars ones peace of mind.
— Know your goals, commit them to God and seek approval from Him alone. Proverbs 16:9
— Nothing great and spicy comes easy.. Work hard, Pray and ‘Faith’ harder alongside. Proverbs 22:29
Have a lovely day… Cheers!!!

~Mary Agaruwa