magnitude of His Worth to me. People see me and think I have it all together, like my life is all figured out and spicy but the truth is that sincerely speaking, I’m far from what it seems like I look like but God has got me together, he fills my cracks and flaws with His perfection. I’m still His work in progress. So don’t conclude too quickly. When you take that bold step of quitting to see God as a scarecrow and begin to see Him in the lime light, you’ll learn to grow in love Him more and more if you’re willing. In this case I’m not referring to you being a church worker, or a perpetual attender of church meetings or being Mother Theresa, what I’m referring to is that life you have with God in the absence of the previous list, that life you have with God when no one is watching. An intimate relationship with God is what I’m talking about here. These days people confuse practicing religion for intimacy with God. Practicing religion is the activity and being intimate with God is an internal sacrifice which is the main ish and is always worth it in the end.

In essence, what you perceive God to be in your life matters a whole lot. What you perceive God to be in your life is what you’ll live with Him being. I’ve got this friend of mine that perceives God as His G(Guy/Best Buddy) and I’m sure that’s what God has been to him. Please if you have to adjust your lens to give a better focus/view of whom God is, please do it. The truth is that you actually cannot experience God’s love or hold on to His love and at the same time love the things of the world, you have to let one go( I bet you letting go of God’s love for the things of the world isn’t a wise decision 1John 2:15-17). Now talking about things of this world, my simple definition for “Things of this world” is anything outside the heart and word of God. My reason for buttressing this is because when the phrase “things of the world” is mentioned, people confuse it with material things(money, cars, houses, good clothes, shoes e.t.c). The things of the world are abstract. God has/owns the cars, houses, money e.t.c and blesses His children with them. So who says you can’t enjoy material things in Christ?!.. Where there is a problem is when you allow the intangible worldly traits(see 1John 2:16) creep in to steal your focus from God and place it in the material things He has blessed you with. I hope I’m making sense here?!..

God is not a Scarecrow for real. Trust me I have seen, tested and experienced His love(sure it’s just a chip) and i can testify it’s sooooo genuine and unconditional, it cannot be found anywhere else. God isn’t looking for that perfect and upright man who has his life all together(doesn’t exist), he’s looking for the imperfect and broken man to love him/her gradually to perfection. So don’t be scared to give in to Him, in the long run you’ll find out he’s actually all you need.
Have an amazing evening!… Toodles!..πŸ˜‰

~Mary Agaruwa



I was a bit reluctant and skeptical about writing this post not until sometime late last week when I read a post on Facebook that moved me to my marrow.

There are a whole lot of people out there who actually have at least an atom of desire to love God and experience His love but are so scared to give in because they have this misconception about God being this huge scarecrow that’ll smite at any point in time and for any slight mistake made. People are reluctant to give in to God because they are afraid they’ll continually fail Him and have His wrath come upon them in the process.

That was my mentality until I gave in to Him in 2013. I used to perceive God as this huge, iron-handed, mighty scare crow who could be kind and wicked at the same time. I saw Him as a God that would smite or punish me immediately for any wrong stuff I do or mistake I made(The Devil’s lie). In as much as I was aware of some wrong stuffs I was doing back then, I couldn’t just nurse the thoughts of quitting them because they seemed to me like the pleasurable/fun life and giving in to God would cost me giving up that “pleasurable/fun life”, of which I was so not ready to. This made me love Him from a distance, in the sense that I somewhat desired to know Him deep down but at the same time, I wouldn’t give up my “pleasurable/fun life”. Also, I never wanted to be tagged “The Jesus girl” amongst my peers. I remember when my mum used to force I and my siblings to attend fellowships and church functions… Ahhh!.. I was so good at malingering. Sometimes whenever she succeeded in getting us out of the house to fellowships, I always hid my Bible or carried it in a manner that made it look more like a mere novel. I really never wanted to be seen as a “Jesus girl”. I never wanted to face His wrath so enjoyed the normal God-free life I was living. It was “easier and less stressful”. At some point, I knew He was on my case, like He wanted to use me but the issue was that I was scared and wouldn’t just yield because I had the mentality that I’ld continuously fail Him, coupled with the fact that I always heard it was better not to be in the faith than be in the faith and back out along the line. I never wanted to be in the “bondage” of Christianity so I avoided encountering Him. After much and much, in my own head, eyes and dictionary, I finally yielded. I tried balancing my worldly life with “the religious life”. NOTE:- There no such thing as balancing the worldly life with your Christian life. It won’t work. It’s just like putting water in hot oil, if the water isn’t expelled the oil won’t be at peace. It’s either you’re in or out. I went on and on like that until 2013 when my perspective of God changed for good. To His glory, I now see Him as a Loving, Caring, Patient, Amazing, Adorable, Incomparable, Indescribable Father, Best friend, Lover, Mentor, CEO of my heart, basically my everything and trust me, that’s truly what he has been to me. Words actually cannot quantify the…. To be continued



There are times and moments when the world seems so cold, our seas are stirred, having the waves roar so loud, times when the odds never turn in our favor, times when things seem so shady that our understanding is clouded, times when things get so dark and we yearn so badly to see the slightest single beam of light, times when it feels like we are alone in our mess, times when we pray&fast about a situation and it seems like nothing is happening, then we begin to allow the fumes of skepticism about our Great and Mighty God penetrate our thoughts and we ask; God Are You There???..

Isaiah 41:10;
So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

First of all let me draw back your attention to God being the Omniscience and Omnipresent God(Jeremiah 23:24), He knows ALL things and is everywhere at the same time. Psalm 46:1 says; God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Basically, God knows what each and every of his children passes through, even before we pray about the issue on ground, he knows and has worked a way out already. Now it’s our Sincere prayers and praises, which symbolizes our faith and trust in His potency that moves Him to deliver an instant solution because he already worked it out a long time ago.
The problem/barrier there is now, is that we are often our solution’s problem. Most times after we pray, we are either clouded by the thoughts of the problem or impatient that we fail to listen to what God has to say(His direction on getting a positive result). Another problem is that sometimes we are at least patient to listen to God’s direction on how to go about the issue but aren’t just satisfied with His answers, then we begin to use our mere human intelligence to analyze the direction He’s given to us(answer to our prayers), (1Corinthians 1:25). Actually, we always want to hear what we want to hear but our God being the patient and loving Father that he is, still tries to convince us to go in that particular direction He has mapped out. When we remain reluctant, He keeps mute and spectates. We get all frustrated over and over again in the sequel to work things out ourselves and move in a direction that “seems more like it”, yet to no avail.(Proverbs 14:12). This then leads us to the Q “God Are You There???”. Yes of course!!.. He’s definitely there but you chose to go in your own direction and neglect His.
I’ve come to knowledge and fact that God doesn’t/won’t force anything on anyone, He plays His role and expects you to play yours. He always provides the solution instantly while convincing you but will as well allow you to make a choice. In the end we still run back to him and sort to follow His own way. For Him being the most Loving, Amazing and Ever present Father that He is, He still stretches his arms to embrace us despite our previous unbelief.
I really don’t know who else this message applies to because it definitely applies to me as well. When next the fumes of skepticism about God’s direction tries to penetrate your thoughts, tell it to God immediately and ask Him to forgive you and help your unbelief… Because sincerely we are humans and our minds tend to wander, trying to put one thing or the other together in order to make more sense. The fact is that God’s ways are true but don’t always make sense to us humans. For instance, according to the normal human reasoning, 2+2=4 but to God, this same 2+2 may =100 or even 1million which don’t even make sense to us humans(hence, 1Corinthians 1:25). If God’s foolishness can in no way be compared to man’s wisdom, then how much more His Wisdom??.. Often times, I pray and tell God to propel me in his own direction whether I’m okay with it or not, like He shouldn’t even allow my opinion count at all. LOL
So basically when we pass through stormy times and we ask for God’s intervention, we should ask with all sincerity, be patient and listen to His direction and try our ultimate best to follow His directions diligently while keeping a constant communication with Him. Be real and sincere with Him.
Proverbs 3:5;
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;

Have an amazing day!… Toodles!..βœŒοΈπŸ˜‰

~ Mary Agaruwa

Fight For Your Purity


I had the privileged of finally attending the International House of Prayer-Kansas City (IHOP-KC)’s Onething Conference. I honestly couldn’t summarize my experience there. It’s one of those things you have to be there to fully understand.

For one of the sessions, Allen Hood was scheduled to teach, but before he started he had his 17 year old son come up on stage. His son started pouring his heart out about how he wants to see the youth at his high school transformed.

You know how believers get once they start talking: the Spirit takes over or they have a case of holy verbal diarrhea; went from 0 to 100, real quick! Before we knew it, β€˜Lil Hood’ was talking about saving the goods: he was waiting for his wife! In today’s society, it is remarkable, that at a young age, he was thinking about purity and respecting the covenant of…

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