Jesus Is The Reason For The Season… Merry Christmas!!!!..😊


Whoop!πŸ’ƒ Whoop!πŸ’ƒ… It’s definitely the season of love because we celebrate Love, Himself.
The flashy Christmas lights, the jingle bells, the amazing well decorated and lighted Christmas trees, the gifts, the warm wishes and hugs from family&friends, the special fuzzy Christmas wind.. How could I forget; The food!!!!… I could go on and on and on but I decide to stop here. . All these basically wouldn’t make much sense if we miss out on the major reflection and true representation of Christmas. Christmas has been painted to be a day for merriment and all of its sort there by blurring the true representation. Don’t get me wrong!, it’s absolutely not bad to make merry this day but where there will be a fault is when we totally focus all our attention on the merriment alone and leave off the major reason. It’s a day we should reflect back to the reason, the essence, the great implication of the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and give unending thanks to Him. Without this day you and I would have been perished, probably already roasting like the chicken we’ll eat today or looking forward our roasting day!… Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly… See, the funny thing is most people are all excited and celebrating this day but the truth is that you can’t genuinely be celebrating with the celebrant(Jesus Christ) if you’re not in good terms with him. If in some way you were right with him at some point and probably backslid or you don’t and have never even had an intimate relationship with him(having him as your personal lord and savior) please go to him in prayer and ask him to become the king of your heart and life as a a whole and ask him to help you grow to love him more and more everyday. As a matter of fact the best and most peculiar gift one could ever give to Jesus this day is his/her life. He doesn’t need riches because he owns all riches. So just go on and give to him that which he deserves. He loves you soooo much that he’s in dire need of your attention for your own sake and good!…
I’m most especially thankful for this day because as a result of the Uncommon Birth of the Messiah, I’m privileged to enjoy the Joy of Salvation!…

The Son of God became man to enable men become sons of God~ CN Lewis
Merry Christmas Dearies!…πŸŽ…πŸŽŠπŸŽ„πŸŽ‰ Have a fabulous day!..😘

~Mary Agaruwa.

A Secret I learnt to having a prosperous day, everyday!!!

A Secret I learnt to having a prosperous day, everyday!!!


At about 5am yesterday, I had to literally hop out of my sleep( not like I woke myself up, God did) due to the awkward dream I was having. I laid in bed while I prayed in my heart for a short while then I knelt to sing few praises to God and laid back in bed. As my mind wandered, I remembered I was to write this helpful post earlier, to share with everybody. So here we go!😁

Some days ago, the Holy Spirit made me to understand that God gives gifts/blessings to his Children everyday. The way you receive gifts/presents from loved ones on your special days, festive seasons or just from time to time is “somewhat” the same way God gives his children gifts. Now I said “somewhat” because God gives us gifts every single day, not one or two or three but multiple(An ability of a perfect and stinkingly flourishing God, right??). To Him, everyday is our special day. Although I was also made to understand that there are some criteria that have to be met by us, which would be stated later as you read on.

So basically, it’s about a prayer statement I recently learned to make everyday asides my other prayers and for real I’ve been amazed. It goes thus:-

Dear Lord God, I receive all the gifts/presents/blessingsΒ 

having my name tag from you this day, in Jesus Name, Amen!!!

For some reasons I had to modify it to:

Dear Lord God, I accept all the gifts/presents/blessings having myΒ name tag from you this day

and help me to rightly positionΒ myself toΒ receive them all, in Jesus Name, Amen!!!Β (Thank Him in Advance).

The reason being that: it’s actually one thing to accept something and another thing to receive that thing, although most times they go hand in hand. From my own view of perspective, by “Accepting“, it means you’ve agreed to receive and it necessarily doesn’t mean the gift or item in question is already yours or already in your possession until you receive. So by “Receiving“, you get. Like the stuff received becomes your personal possession which you can make use of or benefit from.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are some criteria that we must meet to make that prayer statement effective. Oh yes! God has his principles and standard which he doesn’t compromise(2Timothy 2:19) which makes Him a Conditional God to get close to. It’s his unfailing love that’s unconditional, so don’t get it twisted.
1.) You have to possess a pure heart and mind towards God and subsequently man. As we all know sin can be a barrier between us and God, nevertheless not His love. Just same way you would have your friend give you a gift, barriers of receiving the gift must be overcome(for example:- lack of communication or not being able to make yourself available to collect get it).

2.) You have to know God personally, like you have to be close to Him and ensure constant communication with Him. Although God blesses people with “anonymous gifts“. I’ll tell you why I said so.. The gift of life is an anonymous gift to people who don’t believe in God because they don’t know Him. Satan doesn’t have the power to give life, neither do the fundamental or cohesive forces and bla bla bla have the power to. Sometimes we receive anonymous gifts from people we don’t know and these gifts usually may not be of much value to us, as compared to the ones given to us by people we know or are named, no matter how expensive it is. (I hope you get my drift here?!)

3.) You have to keep your focus on God throughout the whole day, everyday. Lol.. I know you may be wondering how possible it is in our busy, hectic world today; Activities to attend to here&there, dealing with our fellow human beings, brain and mind storming on how to deal with various issues/solve problems on ground and so on. Definitely true!.. it’s not as easy as it’s said but it is still possible!.. Now In this case I don’t mean you’ll have to be kabashing continuously or stand outside and fix your gaze to the sky and leave off your activities(Lol.. Don’t mind me, just kidding.. no sensible person would do that). All I mean is that in any and everything you’re doing just keep Him involved, always ask for direction and ask Him to be in charge. You would notice even when you’re heading in the wrong direction, He’ll call you to order( mine happens as an uneasy and unrest state of mind which indicates that there’s definitely something not going right).

4.) Finally, you definitely have to believe “your” prayer statement( I would have said “the prayer statement” but I didn’t because it becomes yours when you have to say it yourself). If you don’t have faith/believe without doubt then I’m sorry it might just as well be a mere statement. So try not to be a doubting Thomas before/while/after you pray.😁

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ… Christmas is almost hereπŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ and the year 2014 is on a journey to the past(Precisely 11days and few hours to go)!!!.. All Thanks and Glory be to God Almighty for the year spent so far, as he will not allow anyone of us or our loved ones roll to the past with 2014, in Jesus name, Amen!!!

~Mary Agaruwa
πŸ˜€ Compliments of the season!!!!..πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ…πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

Your Words, Your Life

Wow!!!.. So I just bumped into this post on LeapAfrica’s blog and thought to share. Really, really amazing. Enjoy!..πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰

LEAP Africa

Okayyy! SO you want to be the next Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote Maybe? Hmm… Big dreams aye?

Well, they were THE big deal when we were growing up and are still to be reckoned with even Now. You’ll find a couple of more successfulΒ Β people in this post.

Several factors are responsible for their achievements, certainly Β the words they verbalized, and the thoughts they allowed their minds to retain played a vital role in making them who they are today.


* What are you thinking?

* What are you saying to yourself?

* Can society, people, circumstances etc make you feel inferior without your consent?

Leading in your own little sphere of influence is important. It starts from there.

15 phrases Dynamic Leaders never say:Success

1. β€œWe can’t do that.”

One thing that makes people and companies successful is the ability to make solving their customers’ problems and demands their…

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Spend Some Time Worshipping God.

So yea.. Just thought to share this song, a number of you might know it. Try to spend some time worshipping Him this eve and let Him fill you with his presence. You don’t have to chill till its time for praise&worship during the Sunday church service. It’s actually really nice to just cultivate the attitude of worship at all times. Little do you know that your genuine praises&worship to God causes a shift in the heavenly places and makes Him arise on your behalf. Do it more often and experience Him work wonders in your life. Have a fab evening!…πŸ˜‰

~Mary Agaruwa



Happiness can neither be bought nor sold, it is streamed from within as a result of choice. Happiness is definitely the sole aim and objective of every and every decision we make or step we take. In other words, everyone wants to be happy with the outcomes of decisions made about praying, going to school, courses to be studied, jobs, friends&relationships, contracts, events, life partners, financial expenditures and basically life investments as a whole but sometimes things don’t always turn out as planned. This doesn’t mean that we can’t be happy when the sun isn’t smiling at us!…Smile back if it isn’t, i.e. choose to be happy even when the tide don’t turn in your favor. Happiness is an unconditional choice.
A quote by Abraham Lincoln says: “Most people are about as happy as hey make up their minds to be”. You yourself can bring more meaning and satisfaction to your life no matter the situation. So I would just state a few tips to happiness that have and are still in the working process for me which could work for you too.

1.) Be true to yourself. Love yourself for who you are and Quit the fake life(very, very important). Never be afraid to express and be yourself at all times. Be honest and always keep to your words.

2.)Β Choose peace at all times. Free your mind and heart from every form of insecurities and toxic emotions. Smile all you can(it’s the best accessory one can ever put on, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a “mushin smile”). A smiling mind easily brings about a smiling face.

3.)Β Speak/recite positive words or statements to yourself each day. For instance: “Today I’m going to be happy and nothing will steal that from me this day”. The truth is that it unconsciously or consciously works. It keeps you on check and guard when stuff tries to steal your happiness.

4.) Be optimistic always. Focus on the positive and bright outcomes in life rather than he negative outcomes. When difficult times come up(this can’t be escaped when living life on purpose), look for the benefits in such difficulty and take advantage of it.

5.) Always take full responsibility for your wrong actions. Acknowledge when you’re wrong, apologize immediately and put things in order instead of having to justify your wrong actions.

6.) Don’t hold a grudge(it breeds bitterness). Be slow to anger and quick to forgive, not letting the sun go down on your anger(I’lld rather recommend making your anger pretty expensive).

7.) Give!!!!.. I’ve noticed personally that whenever I’m privileged to give or be of help to someone or basically just being a blessing in some kinda way, I always experience this aura of uncommon happiness within(I dunno if you do too). Just be a blessing, you’ll understand what I’m talking about better.

8.) Celebrate your growth and achievements but be careful not to let it overwhelm you and make you settle. Press on and celebrate more endless growths and achievements.

9.) Choose to surround yourself with the right people, people of like minds. Most often times, we are like “hey, hey… positive vibes only”, which is absolutely good but then again the Q is how much of this “positive vibes” have you given off??? Which brings me to my last point..

10.) Be nice and show respect to everyone you meet. Like I said earlier smile all you can(one great way one exudes happiness). Picture everyone you meet as a potential YOU and treat them as you would treat you.

In this my not so old life, I’ve also learned that hoping and trying to derive maximum happiness from material things(which are invariably temporal) and human beings (who are also invariably imperfect) will only have you dash your hopes. Until we stop chasing after the world’s definition of happiness, we won’t be able to see and experience the true definition of happiness. Rather it’s more advisable to hope for happiness from the one Perfect & Infallible Supernatural being(God). When you’re happy in him, he automatically fills you with Everlasting Joy which is an entirely new level and greater package of happiness. Never forget that happiness is contagious, so be happy and spread your happiness abode. It’ll automatically boost your level of happiness.
Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions if need be(send an email or leave a comment). Have an amaaaaazing day!!!.. πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰

~Mary Agaruwa