practice-makes-perfect (1)


Practice is the act of rehearsing an act or engaging in an activity over and over again, for the purpose of improving or mastering it. ThisΒ could be carrying out jobs, singing, playing a musical instrument, cooking, writing, giving speeches, dancing and as many have you. Take for instance, playing of a musical instrument: Someone who’s a pro at it didn’t just wake up one morning and emerge a pro. He/She must have been determined to be a pro and must have made constant and conscious efforts at becoming better at consequent periods of practice. What I’m trying to point out here is that perfection of an act isn’t dependent on the frequency or number of times you practice but on the manner of approach to handling errors while practicing. The determination to address ones errors immediately and rising above the errors is what leads to pefection. Β The truth is that practicing gives room for failure and most times, people tend to perceive failure as a thing of abormination or disgrace or incapability. No! that’s not what it should be perceived as. When one fails at something, it should be seen as an avenue/opportunity to make better. Someone who keeps practicing for as long as whenever but is never willing to put in effort to correct the errors made, is definitely wasting his/her time and will just continually move in a circle. We should learn to see failures as stepping stones and Β not stumbling blocks.

To be successful in life, you ought to deliberately practice and deliberately practicing, requires a lot of effort, sacrifice and time. It is usually not a rosy journey because there are times when you have to deprive yourself of certain things in other to be successful. It also involves realizing and figuring ones weaknesses and being able to rise above them, turning them into stengths. When practicing, identify the errors made, repeat that part over and over again until its corrected, then move unto the next step and repeat the proceedure if necessary. By doing this, you’ll find yourself on the part to being the best at what your doing. As there is this popular quote:Β “Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity!”. Β C’mon! Go on and succeed. Have an amazing and successful week, God bless you!

~Mary Agaruwa

BEAUTY FOR ASHES : Jesus is the way to everlasting Joy.


Isaiah 61:3

“Beauty for ashes” simply implies that God gives his own radiance, his beauty and rejoicing for ashes. Ashes are like residues, or left overs from past mistakes. Many people look like they have it all together, everything going on smoothly on the outside but in actual sense on the inside they are all broken, hurting, totally devastated and basically a mess of themselves. Sometime last week, I was somewhat a victim of this situation. For some personal reasons, I was not happy, I was feeling miserable and not just myself so I just thought okay being around friends would most likely solve the problem. To my uttermost surprise, it actually did (but for a while tho!) and I was back to the lively, happy me. They had not the slightest idea that I wasn’t in my best of moods because it was alleviated as at the time I was around them anyways!.. but guess what? The time came for us to depart to our various homes and in no time I snapped back to the ugly-bad mood. I got home to meet me, myself and I(apparently, no one was at home) so everything just got worse everything I tried to do at home was just so clumsy and messed up I had no other option than to just pour out how and everything I was feeling to God, I just couldn’t explain why. I told God how much of a mess I felt, how i felt the worst, how I was feeling miserable and all. I basically looked down on myself so all he told me was “Beauty For Ashes”, despite how I felt about myself, I even looked more beautiful to Him. It was just the devil trying to steal my joy. I felt really good afterwards. So all I’m basically trying to point out is that :-

1.) The happiness we seek from human beings is always temporal. You may derive your happiness from your loved ones which may probably last a while but will never last forever. The happiness sought from above lasts until eternity. Like I said earlier the moment I left the gathering I was back to the sad me but there was still this amazing friend who was still around to keep me company. Family and friends may not always be around you all the time (they are usually at a place at a particular time) but God is everywhere at the same time. So its better to seek your happiness and Joy straight from above.

2.) God sees the best of us even in the times we feel or really are in our ugliest states. He’s everly ready to give us beauty in exchange for ashes. πŸ˜€ He’s amazing, isn’t he?

3.) The devil is never tired and is still in the business of polluting ones thoughts, stealing ones joy and making one feel miserable(John 10:10) … Try to never give in to his lies and deceit!! (1Peter 5:8-10)

4.) We should learn to take advantages of the rights given to us through Christ Jesus. You know one major problem we human beings have is that we don’t know our fundamental and basic rights in Christ(John 1:12). God has given us dominion over everything and even over the devil(Luke 10:19). What’s left of us is to just key into it and take advantage because most times we allow the devil bully us of our rights and then end up in despair. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR RIGHTS!!!

5.) Finally, we should keep asking God to help us see ourselves the way he does, at least just a glimpse of how he does. If only we had a glimpse of how great and deep God’s love is for us, we’ll learn to not allow the circumstances of this world sway us in any form.(Romans 8:35-39) explains it all.

Just shared this to encourage many others out there who may be passing through the same situation or even worse situations. Jesus is a friend who sticks closer than a brother, he’s always ready to help fix you. He has you at heart and loves you beyond measure. BRACE UP, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!.. Have a great day πŸ™‚

~Mary Agaruwa