Do you see yourself as a worthful or worthless asset?… Do you love yourself for who you are or are you in enmity with yourself?… Do you love yourself enough to exude the love to others?… Has it ever occurred to you that you ought to have an amazing relationship with yourself?


The basic truth is that God wants us to love ourselves the way we are and exude/extend that same love to others… This is one of the greatest commandments( Mark 12:31 :- Love your neighbor as yourself). It says “as yourself” so if you can’t love yourself, how then can you accommodate loving other people?.. Capiche?. The way you treat yourself sets a standard for people on how you demand to be treated, also the way you treat other people wether in love or hatred tells a lot about how much you love or hate yourself. Choose to love yourself!, not in a self-centered or selfish intimidating manner but in a manner that exudes positivity, humility and selflessness.

Little do we know of a fact that we spend more time with ourselves than we do with other people. Okay for example, it’s actually uneasy to work day after day with someone you don’t get along with but at least they don’t get to home with you after work or sometimes in the short/long run you end up not working with them anymore. Now imagine it being uneasy to get along with your own self, it would only give rise to depression and self-rejection. What I’m trying to point out in essence is that you are one person you can never avoid or get away from, so always strive to be at peace with yourself.

Many a time, we tend to look down on or reject ourselves because we don’t see ourselves the way God does. We bank on what people think about us and chill for their approvals before we can be comfortable and happy with ourselves(Being a “People-pleaser”). This only leads to depletion of ones self esteem and confidence. For instance these days you see young ladies who think it’s okay to lower their standards or toss their dignities just anywhere all in the name of wanting a man to love or accept them. It’s not right, it’s a compromise of self-love!.. Never compromise your dignity for a man to accept you. If he can’t meet up to your standards then he don’t worth you( not unrealistic standards tho). Anyways this is just by the way, a topic for another day.

Love and accept yourself the way you are. You can’t be a “Daniel” or a “Moses” and choose to live a life as “Eli’s sons”, you can’t be a “Ruth” or an “Esther” and choose to live a life as “Jezebel’s”. This is absolutely character opposition/self conflict. The earlier you decide to start seeing yourself as God does, loving you for who you are and loving others as yourself, the easier and better life becomes for you. Always remember you are priceless, you are royalty and loved absolutely the way you are by God, never allow any undermining thought steal that from you. Be proud of yourself now, knowing that you won’t remain the same way forever but will continue to improve and become a better person as each day goes by. If you have issues on seeing yourself as valuable or loving yourself, ask God to enable you to see and love you the way he sees and loves you. He sure will enable you.
Don’t forget that you are valuable in God’s eyes and that’s what matters the most. Have a wonderful day dear beautiful soul reading this!.. God bless you!.. πŸ™‚

~Mary Agaruwa