Hi guys… So here’s just a snapshot of a short note I jotted down from today’s amazing service and just thought I should share it and not be stingy… I hope you gain something tangible from it.. Even if in some way things haven’t gone the right way for you it’s not too late to start all over again. Just ask God for forgiveness, cast all your burdens on him and allow him begin a fresh page with you, he still loves you no matter what. It’s never too late to start over again by committing all to him. May God help us all In Jesus Name… Amen!
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Have a lovely day people… πŸ™‚


The above video explains it all. I saw this video and it got me quite speechless because of a truth, that’s what’s currently happening in this present generation. We live in an era where every single thing we do deals with technology. We get so carried away by these gadgets either by getting so buried chating, texting, listening to music with our smart phones, going on the internet 24/7, video gaming all day long and so on, forgetting what’s really important at a certain particular time, hence, we miss out of what life has in stock for us without even knowing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these things are bad oh…NO! all I’m saying is an addiction/too much of it is not good for you and me. I believe everything should be done with moderation, also there’s time for everything. It’s not right when one has a task to carry out at the moment and he/she is rather busy texting or playing video games. I’m not trying to cast anyone on, I’m also totally guilty of these things as well but it would rather be needful/gainful for us to change our perspectives of vewing things in life by making use of our time wisely and giving life our basic attention. #JustSaying
Have a fabulous day!.. πŸ™‚
~Mary Agaruwa.


let God

Sometimes we find ourselves in really tight corners, facing turbulent and challenging episodes in life which may bring about disappointments, rejection, confusion, fear, unhappiness, lack of peace, sleepless nights, a broken heart e.t.c. We can’t skip those episodes as they are our building blocks in life. Most times we tend to try to manipulate the situations ourselves in order for it to turn in our favor, little do we realize that the more one tries to manipulate the situation, the more the situation gets complicated and out of proportion( this I can totally relate with and I guess you might as well). It basically requires more than just mere human efforts as we can’t overcome those challenging episodes on our own. So what I have learned to practice(Therapy), which you might as well try to practice if you are in such situation is:

  • Trying to keep calm and be optimistic (be positive),
  • Pouring out my heart to God about the problem, no matter the form, shape or size,
  • Then trying to quit worrying by letting go and letting God do his own thing.Β (Philippians 4:6-7 summarizes it all)

let God 2

To be frank about the therapy, its not easy but giving it a try over and over again makes it almost automatic and in the end it’ll be worth it. God is a loving father, friend and everything amazing you can ever think of. He is one to whom you can talk to at anytime and just about anything, without feeling any form of vulnerability or rejection. He knows when you’re hurting and is waiting on you to call out to him. When you do, He acts immediately on the problem first and foremost by comforting and giving you an inner peace of mind, then He helps to see you through and overcome the problem. This now depends on how willing you are to submit to his ways, as His plans are that of good and not evil to give his children an expected end. God is understanding, patient and ever willing to help you if you are willing to allow Him do so. He loves you too much to see you anguish in confusion and pain. So try as much as possible to open up totally to Him(feel free) and trust him all the way( Proverbs 3:5-6).Β Learn toΒ LET GO AND LET GOD!!!

Have a fabulous and blessed day!… πŸ™‚

~Mary agaruwa