Today marks/signifies the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, whom through his death and sufferings, we were all reconciled back to our father/first love(God). (John 3:16). This is just a basic reminder that God loves you dearly, deeply, unfathomably, endlessly, limitlessly e.t.c.(Romans 8:31-39). There are no words to describe the magnitude of love he’s got for us so when you feel down, things don’t go right, people turn their backs against you, you feel like no one loves you, just have this as a reminder that you’re dearly loved even far more than you can think or imagine. Never turn your back against Jesus Christ, there’s no one like him, he died on the cross of calvary for our sins that we may live in freedom and begin again to enjoy the fellowship with our father in heaven. Always find it in your heart to genuinely love him back and thank him for all he has done.
Have a fabulous easter!… Jesus is the reason for the season!.. Ciao!!!:)
~Mary Agaruwa