“Givers never lack”, a somewhat popular phrase known by most people but the questions are :- Do you on your own practice the act of giving??? How many people’s lives have you touched of recent just by showing love or giving them something they can’t repay you back for at that moment???.

The above short video shows a poor little boy being harrassed for stealing some drugs for the sake of his mother’s ill health and a good samaritan intervening on his behalf to bail him out. The good samaritan man did not just bail him out by paying the bills of the drugs he stole but also gave him some soup/food to go with. In the long run, the tables turned and it was that same former poor little boy, turned a rich grown doctor who became the good samaritan to the man that willingly bailed him out 30years ago. So you see, giving willingly from your heart goes a very very long way. Okay take a look at the poor widow in the bible that Jesus exalted who out of her poverty gave all she had(Mark 12:41-44). Its not just money, food or other material things that can be given out only, other immaterial things such as; *Rendering a helping hand to someone in need of help( for instance; someone who missed a step and fell down or a little child who needs assistance in crossing the road), *Giving a listening ear and appropriate advice to one in need, *Smiling and greeting or complimenting someone (for instance; “oh! you look good in that dress” , just by saying that, you help boost that person’s esteem. Never hold back your compliments).

givingΒ  The basic truth about giving is that if you give, you won’t lack and this applies to all facets of life. A stingy man always lacks because he doesn’t give( Proverbs 11:24-26). Whatever you give comes back to you in one way or the other. If you give out love by showing people “love and kindness”, love and kindness comes back to you and so if you give out “hatred and wickedness”, hatred and wickedness definitely would come back to you, as givers never lack (lol.. one can’t just lack facing hatred and wickedness when that’s what he/she gives out).Β Many a time, I tell God to use me as answers to peoples prayers and there’s this nice quote i like by Mahatma Gandhi;Β “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” and this is so true. Learn to give,Β God loves a cheerful giver!!!Β (2 Corinthians 9:6-7).
This is a season of “giving” and love. I challenge you to show people love and give as much as you can as we round up the year 2013 so that your carts will overflow with abundance as it is more blessed to give than to receive. Compliments of the Season!!!! πŸ˜€

~Mary Agaruwa


4 thoughts on ““GIVERS NEVER LACK”

  1. The video brought tears to my eyes. I am moved to compassion. Thank you for sharing this Mary, as you have given in obedience through your blogs, I pray that God continues to overflow you with love!


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