Okay, so I bumped into this picture chart on Instagram and I believe it’s true, so I just thought I should share it with you all. It got me thinking as well and it sure should get you thinking too. Really, what side of this picture chart do u belong to?… If to the right(unsuccessful), please make a change today, like now as you are reading this. If to the left(successful), keep it up and never relent. I also have some changes to make as well so do the same if you have too. Ciao!… πŸ˜‰

~Mary Agaruwa



Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love good things, who doesn’t want to enjoy life, who doesn’t want to live comfortably?? No of course!. Every human being on earth wants many good things such as wisdom, happiness, love, peace, joy, good food, good houses, good homes, good jobs, good cloths, good shoes, good cars, good friends, good spouses, good education, visas, money, power, basically a good life. But the truth is, you can’t have that sort of assorted life outside Christ. You know there’s this definition/law of economics that explains the numerous wants of human beings relating to scarce means of supply, right?! Okay I’m here to let you know that when you’re in Christ and you solely believe in him, that law is no longer obeyed, the law becomes an exception. You know why? Because it changes fromΒ “numerous wants/demand and scarce means of supply”Β toΒ “numerous wants/demands and abundantly overflowing means of supply”.Β So here are the 5 essential tips to have those good things come your way:

  • First and foremost, surrender all you have to God, desperately seek him and develop an intimate relationship with him.( this includes praying without ceasing, meditating on his word,loving him and obeying his commandments)Β (Matthew 6:25-33)
  • Never hesitate to ask God for whatever you want. It might not come immediately probably because it’s not yet time or he has a bigger/better option for you. Tell him anything and everything that bothers you he knows and has the best solution.Β (Matthew 7:7-8)Β 
  • Hold on to him/his word and never let go no matter what. Be patient, have faith and trust him, whatever he says will surely come to pass.(Mark 11:23-24, Matthew 21:18-22)
  • Be of great service to other people. Always give cheerfully, love other people as much as you love yourself, be humble, be slow to anger and easy to forgive and always help people as much as you can.(Mark 12:31, Β 2Corinthians 9:6-9, Mark 11:25)
  • Finally, always have a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving to God for all he has done( for things you have gotten and things you haven’t gotten yet). It can be done by praising and worshiping him in truth and spirit, testifying to others about him, being a good billboard for Christ, diligently paying your tithes and offerings, saying “thank you God” from the depth of your heart, acknowledging that without him you are nothing, e.t.c.Β (Matthew 5:20, 1Thessalonians 5:16-18).Β The more you give thanks, the more he is willing to bless you. He is a stinkingly rich God, A God that can supply any and every of your individual needs and of the whole world. Can you beat that?!…Have a great day!.. πŸ™‚

~Mary Agaruwa



I couldn’t help but share this lovely, wonderful song by Kari Jobe (the link above). Jesus actually loves you more than you can ever imagine or think. Erase those thoughts that make you feel reluctant to talk to/open up your heart to him probably because you think he is mad at you. No! He’s not. Our flaws and imperfections are our building blocks, they help to build and put us in order. That’s the way we were designed by our creator to be. You see, the problem most people face which is a common tactic the devil uses to pull people down is that, he deceives and make people believe they’ve made the worst “mistake” ever, that God cannot help them so they tend look down on/condemn themselves when “thoseΒ mistakes”Β are made.Β Yes, mistakes in quote because I believe mistakes don’t happen, all activities that take place in our lives (wether in the good times or bad times)happen for a purpose. It might not make sense at first but I assure you that it would later, as far as you tell it to Jesus, you get him involved and trust him all the way.

The truth is that, we individually have much more power over any situation than the devil has because God has given us authority. We even have power over the devil to command and drive him him away from us (Luke 10:19~ Behold, I give you authority to thread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you, James 4:7~ Submit yourselves therefore unto God, resist the devil and he will flee). You should never look down on/condemn yourself Β no matter what, instead run to the Throne of Grace, talk to Jesus because he is always available to help and direct you, that’s my advice to every individual out there. He loves you too much to see you unhappy or heading in the wrong direction. In your imperfection, he has made you perfect (see also 2Corinthians 12 : 1-10). He loves you the way you are and is stretching fort his hands to help you, if only you would just totally give him the chance to. He is the BEST of all the best friends and companions you can ever have. You can also check out this link, a write up by Joyce Meyer~Β https://www.bible.com/notes/11628488Β  . I learned a lot from it and I’m sure you would as well. Have a lovely and successful day!

~Mary Agaruwa



image Billboards! Billboards! Billboard!… A large sign in public places on which adverts are shown or better still A board usually outdoors on which large advertisements or notices are posted. Just as the literal definitions entail,Β What sort of billboard are you individually for Christ???… Are you the type that advertises Jesus Christ positively or negatively??? Are you the type that’ll draw the attention of people to Jesus Christ or away from him???.Β Β Meditate on and individually ask yourselves those questions because that’s the one reason why we were created here on earth,Β to be a good billboard for Christ until his next coming.

I know there are so so many people out there who want to be all out for Christ but are reluctant all because they don’t want to called names such as S.U, holier than thou, pastor, reverend father e.t.c or because they don’t want to be rejected or looked down on or ignored by people.Β But really, what does it matter???Β All that matters is that you’re doing it to please God and not man(Β Matthew 5: 10-12 ~ Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you). So basically just play your own vital role and allow God do the rest. My advice for everyone out there is to break loose of those limiting thoughts, step out with great charisma and confidence and be a wonderful billboard for Christ regardless what people might say or think. The funny thing is that you would be amazed about the multitude of people who are willing to listen and learn from what you say or do, also the people who you would be saving from the dead end.Β SO GO AHEAD AND GIVE IT A TRY TODAY AND SEE MARVELLOUS THINGS HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE!!!!… THE TIME IS NOW!!!!..Β Remain blessed. Shalom!!!image

~ Mary Agaruwa