Who is a TRAILBLAZER??? A trailblazer according to my own understanding is someone who dares to be different, who is an innovator, an initiator, a pioneer, a go getter, someone who stands out from the crowd, someone who believes in his/herself, someone who knows his/her self worth and realizes the great substance they have stored up in them and uses it to explore the extraordinary. A TRAILBLAZER is far from the usual. A TRAILBLAZER can be YOU. Now the questions are:Β What do you standout for???… What are you noted for???… In what way/ways have you dared to be different from others???… Among your peers, what have you positively done differently???… Are you a “people pleaser”???… How have you positively impacted on your immediate environment/ society???… Don’t you think a world of positively unique people would be a better place to live in???… These questions should make you have a flash back, do a rethink, retrace your steps and press on in that self-discovered direction.

To each person is a different destiny, a different calling, even a different finger print. We are all unique in our different ways, not even identical twins have the same finger prints. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made by our creator, God. You don’t need to be the most intelligent education wise, the most beautiful/handome, the richest or the most current person in order to be a PositiveTrailblazer. All you need to do is activate the explosion of that unique greatness stored up inside of you that had been chilling to explode. I know many of you have heard about the famous Neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson or watched the movie about his true-life changing story (Gifted Hands),Β now that’s an example of a PositiveΒ trailblazer.Β That movie really touched and inspired me, made me pause for a while and do a rethink of my life, if you havn’t seen the movie please make sure you do. He wasn’t from a wealthy home, he was single-handedly brought up by his mom, he wasn’t the intelligent type in school, he had a bad temper, in general he had a rocky/troubled life growing up, nevertheless, all those things didn’t weigh him down.Β YOU KNOW WHY? because he had God on his side, he was determined and knew where he was going. Now who is he today? The first neurosurgeon to successfully seperate conjoined twins at the head, a path in which most neurosurgeons of today thread on.

The main problems hindering potential positive trailblazers in most cases areΒ The aim to please others andΒ Peer Pressure. Peer Pressure, what i call one of the syndromes for the low self-esteemed”.Β This has been one of the major barriers hindering the youths of today from standing out. Be independent!. We all came into this world alone, even twins, triplets, quadruplets or octuplets came into this world one by one. So be able to stand your ground, be able to stand for what is right. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have friends or peers, No!.. all i’m saying is that you should stand for what is right and not allow friends/peers lure you into going against your will. When such pressure comes up, boost your viscosity and resist the pressure. Stand your ground!. Also about the aim to please others;Β By aiming to please others, you end up displeasing yourself which is at the expense/ detriment of your happiness. Those people you seem to please/ impress really don’t care much, YOU KNOW WHY? because you’re not the first they’ve seen, you’re probably a duplicate to them. Instead why not aim at pleasing God who is always ready to help you discover you. So you should never worry about what people would say as far as you know you are doing the right thing and God is in support with what you are doing. The moment you get these things right, the better it becomes.

In order to be a Positive trailblazer, you have to/ must;

  • Have a personal relationship with God. Yes, i won’t get tired of hammering on or writing or talking about this point. You just have to be close to him first, make him your companion on that journey of self-discovery and see yourself excel.
  • Have faith and believe in yourself. No one can ever believe in you more than yourself.
  • Upgrade and boost your self-esteem. Build the wall of determination and confidence all around yourself.
  • Develop the spirit of a champion. Never give up!.. Keep trying until you win.
  • Moreover, be humble and cheerful. Keep up a meek and happy heart and a smiling face too. πŸ™‚

I am very proud of the young lady i am today and The great woman God is moulding me into. It can only get better!. Are you proud of yourself???… Please be!.. I challenge you to bring out the best in you, Dare to be Different, Blaze your Trail Positively today and inspire the younger ones coming behind you. There’s a huge punishment awaiting NEGATIVE TRAILBLAZERS (Matthew 18: 6-7). Hehehe… I told you The Bible is complete. Ciao!!!… πŸ˜‰

~Mary Agaruwa




This topic is quite a sensitive one because it deals with our every moment and everyday lives as children of God. The truth is God speaks to us every moment and on a daily basis but due to our busy, noisy and unsettled hearts/minds/schedule we don’t get to hear him when he speaks to us and we sometimes end up going in the wrong directions and making wrong decisions. You may be wondering;Β How does God speak and humanbeings hear him?… How does his voice sound like when he speaks?… How and when does he speak to men of God who give words of prophecy(e.g God said…) or Do they have supernatural ears to hear God that you don’t possess?…Β Then,Β I used to ponder and wonder about all these questions and my curiosity never let me be until i got answers to the questions.

I got to learn that there are so many different ways God speaks to us but first and foremost in order to hear him speak we ought to always make him our focal point at every point in time. Most of the time we are too busy with one thing or the other or thinking about so many different things at the same time so we get carried away by those toughts and miss out on his voice and directions. Here are the ways i learnt in which God speaks to us:

  • God speaks to us through prayer and studying of the word, by reading and meditating on The Bible (Β Joshua 1:8- Do not let this Book of the law depart from your mouth; meditate onit day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful). Everything we need to know to live a successful life on earth is in The Bible. The bible is complete!. By reading and meditating Β on it, we make God’s words established in our hearts that when we fall into mishaps or temptations we remember his words and stand firm on it. He never tells us to do anything that doesn’t agree with his word. Also, during or after praying we should be patient to listen to him speak because most of the time we are never patient to listen. After praying we just get up and go about the days activities without hearing from him first, which oughts not to be so.
  • God may also speak to us through common sense and wisdom, He doesn’t lead us to do foolish things. For example, someone finds himself in some sorta controversial or arumentative conversation and he notices its aggravating. Through the help of the God given wisdom he pulls out from such conversation and just keeps shut, he would most likely be saving a whole lot of drama from taking place because who konws, it could have resulted into a fight or something silly would have happened.
  • God speaks to us through words of knowledge or Prophecy from other people. On a particular sunday sometime ago in the church i attend, i happend to sit beside this lady whom i had never spoken to before then she greeted me and told me to give her my Bible. I was quite reluctant but i gave it to her then she told me that all i needed to know was in my Bible that God just dropped it in her heart to let me know. The truth was that as at that period i never read my Bible and i was struggling seriously to serve God wholeheartedly and all. So the moment that word of knowledge came i immediately affirmed it was God speaking to me through the lady.
  • God speaks to us through dreams and trances.
  • He may also speak to us in our hearts. For example; You want to take a certain decision or action and there’s this lack of peace in your heart. It’s an indication from God that you shouldn’t proceed with that intended action. This is the case when u hear that still, subtle, soft voice in your heart saying “Don’t do it, Don’t do it”.Β If you have noticed, when you proceed with such actions, you later on regret and say ” Arrghhh! how i wish i had just listened/followed to my heart”.Β I’m sure many of you can relate with this. That was God speaking to you at that time.
  • God also speaks to us through circumstances/ situations we find ourselves in, also through other people’s lives. We see the mistakes people made and learn from them, making sure we don’t make such mistakes too.
  • He may as well speak to us on a one on one conversation. Remember the story of Moses and the Burning Bush.Β When God called him by his name “Moses! Moses!” and instructed him on what to do about the Hebrews being used as slaves in Egypt. See also Exodus 3 and 4.Β The bible passages there explains it better.

So basically, God speaks to us all the time and he is totally interested in everything that concerns us and is willing to help us out as his children, even from the things we think that are most significant to the least significant. Its not only when we have “big issues or problems”Β that we should acknowledge him (Proverbs 3: 5-6~ Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in ALL your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight). You see, it says in “ALL your ways” and not SOME of your ways. We should always let him know about everything and anything because he always has something to say to you, to direct you on how to go about those issues because he loves you!.

~ Mary Agaruwa



Be thankful to God always at least for the precious Gift of life he gives to you everyday. So many people who never had the slightest idea that they were going to die are now 6ft below the ground today. Just at about the late hours of yesterday, i got the sad news of 2 people who lost their lives, one a relation and the other a friend’s friend. Even at this moment/ point in time you’re reading this post, someone out there somewhere is gasping for their last breath or even slept and never woke up but you are alive and able to read this (a great testimony) because of his infinite mercy and grace over your life, the gift of life. Therefore you have no reason not to thank him and give him the honor that is due. ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU TO GOD FOR THE GIFT OF LIFE, NO MATTER WHAT!….. LOVE GOD BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!



The Lily-White Princess

The moment I accept Jesus Christ as my savior and lover, my heart is full of joy in spite of different life-challenging experiences. I’m really grateful to be surrounded of people who believes in Him. People who aren’t into religion but a real relationship with God. These people are the one who encourage me to build my relationship with God. He used their loving hearts, so He can touched my life in a very personal way. As it goes by, my relationship with Christ becomes more important rather than the things I’m doing for Him. I started to build my relationship with God through my prayer life. It was easy to delight in Him during my prayer time, reading the bible and writing on my journal. But just like a human relationship, my personal relationship with God has its own challenges. I realized that even I had developed a daily…

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